Galenica Santé
Segment Health & beauty

Kennzahlen 2015

Net sales

CHF 1,396.7 million


CHF 107.7 million


CHF 84.5 million




CHF 17.7 million


4’532 (3’452 full-time equivalents)

Products & Brands

Highlights of 2015

Vifor Consumer Health clearly outperformed in its market. It successfully launched Vitafor® probi-immun®, a Swedish probiotic prevention treatment against colds, under the Ginsana® range. In the period under review, Vifor Consumer Health was again successful in expanding its product range by signing agreements with established consumer brand companies, taking over pharmacy distribution of the brands Clearblue®, worldwide market leader in pregnancy tests, and OralB®.

Around 60

product brands in the Vifor Consumer Health portfolio

In the product portfolio, leading analgesic Algifor® as well as Triofan®, the undisputed number one nasal decongestant in Switzerland, recorded very strong performances.

Outlook for 2016

The Swiss consumer health and self-medication market is expected to continue developing positively. Future success will depend to a significant extent on launching new products and building partnerships to broaden the Vifor Consumer Health product portfolio. There is still a lot of potential in the pharmaceutical and health market, the traditional strength of Vifor Consumer Health, not to mention less exploited areas such as cosmetics and beauty.

2016 will see the introduction of a number of new products, line extensions to support growth of existing brands and also stretching of the portfolio into new categories.


Highlights of 2015

The new Amavita and Coop Vitality web-shops, as well as those already existing of Sun Store, mean that their extensive ranges of health and beauty products are now available to customers around the clock. The Amavita app offers customer service on the go, providing directions to Amavita pharmacies and information on new campaigns and health tips.


own and partner pharmacies make up the Retail pharmacy network

Electronic customer records continue to be in demand: with patients’ written agreement, Amavita and Sun Store pharmacies can access prescriptions and information from the relevant chains throughout Switzerland. The digital vaccination card, obtainable from Coop Vitality, guarantees secure access to important health data and reminds the holder when vaccinations need to be renewed. In collaboration with Pro Senectute, Coop Vitality offers the Docupass, which contains key information, forms and a declaration with details of personal wishes and contact information for according power of attorney in the event of an emergency.

Independent pharmacies need a lean quality assurance system to help them trade more successfully while simultaneously reducing their administrative burden. The part-time, vocational continuing education course CAS Management for Pharmacists, which was developed in collaboration with the University of Basel, is also committed to upholding quality standards.

Outlook for 2016

The Retail Business sector continues to pursue its established strategy. Growth is to be achieved both organically and by means of targeted acquisitions and new openings. Price pressure will be countered first and foremost by an even more efficient organisation and leaner business processes. The introduction of new services for individual patient groups, such as diabetics, will allow new customer segments to be developed. Finally, synergies will be exploited within the Business sector in the areas of product range, purchasing and all services.


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