Remuneration report

Remunration Report

The salary policy of Galenica aims to attract, motivate and retain best-in-class employees who are entrepreneurially oriented, successful and have high personal standards. The remuneration system is designed to provide appropriate reward in a highly competitive employment market and in a complex industry. It is aligned with the long-term Group strategy and its pay-for-performance philosophy. The remuneration system of Galenica aims at strengthening its overall industry position to the benefit of its customers and patients while delivering the expected returns to its shareholders.

The remuneration system of Galenica is part of a sustainable, long-term development policy to support the strategic goals defined by the Board of Directors, recognising that under certain conditions, economic success is achieved over a longer period. Accordingly, the company does not pay any remuneration in the form of traded options. Members of the Corporate Executive Committee and members of Senior Management participate in the Group’s value creation in the form of blocked shares, so being aligned with the interests of shareholders.

The Remuneration Report chapter of the Annual report provides detailed information on the following topics:

  • Remuneration benefits and philosophy
  • Annual remuneration 2016
  • Annual remuneration 2015
  • Remuneration trend
  • Development of maximum possible remuneration and effective pay-out
  • Report of the statutory auditor on the remuneration report to the General Meeting of Galenica Ltd., Bern


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