Business unit Galenica Santé

Business unit Galenica Santé

Galenica Santé leveraged its potential in the first half of 2016, thus highlighting its ambition to be the first choice in Switzerland for health, beauty and wellbeing. Despite pressure on drug prices and consumer tourism driven by exchange rates, Galenica Santé grew its net sales on a comparable basis in the first half by 3.7% to CHF 1,487.1 million and increased its operating result (EBIT) by 3.7% to
CHF 66.1 million. The sales growth is all the more pleasing given that this year’s flu epidemic was milder than in the previous year, leading to lower sales of flu medicines. The shortfall was more than made up for thanks to customer acquisitions, pharmacy network expansion and sales growth in high-priced medicines. However, as regards medicine prices, it should be noted that margins in the Retail and Services Business sectors are very low due to government measures. Return on sales (ROS) amounted to 4.4%.


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