Promotion of young talent


Comité des Jeunes

We think it is tremendously important to foster young talent. One way of doing this is through the Comité des Jeunes (Youth Committee) which consists of around thirty young people. They not only get the chance to learn firsthand about our different activities, but they also work as an internal think tank, focusing on subjects that concern the whole company. So, for example, every year, the Youth Committee proposes the annual motto and develops a promotional programme around it to raise employee awareness and motivate people to implement it throughout the Group.

The motto 2017

The motto 2017

The motto "Keep it simple and stay focused!" is meant to raise awareness of the need to deal with things pragmatically and concentrate on what matters.


Apprentice programme

Another breeding ground for young talent is Galenica’s apprentice programme. In Switzerland alone, across the Group as a whole, we have 750 young people in vocational training who all benefit from a good start in working life, with excellent prospects for the future.


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