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Galenica has a range of management tools to support employees, particularly members of Senior Management and Management. They align their decisions and activities with the principles of value creation (value-based management).

Modular training formats for employees

New employees are given an induction day during which the culture, the development, the strategy and the companies of the Galenica Group are presented. Further seminars cover specialist topics and methodology.

Management training

The management training is built up of modules :

  • self-management and management tools
  • managing people and communication skills
  • leading and developing teams
  • performance and health
  • corporate management and change management

Talent Mentoring Programme

This programme involves mentoring of selected employees - usually Members of Senior Management (MDI) or Managers (MKA) - by an experienced leader with the goal of further professional development. The focus is more on personal development and management skills than specialist knowledge.

Only management teams select mentees and mentors. Personal contacts and internal networks across disciplines and companies characterise the special culture of Galenica.. The two-year programme aims to tap into senior management's experience to help develop potential talent at various levels.
Mentees and mentors are invited to an introductory seminar and subsequent workshops to present the programme’s goal and instruments and to ensure that mentees and mentors get maximum benefit from the experience.


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