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Galenica Group sales 2014

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Galenica increases sales again in 2014 and confirms growth in profit for the 19th consecutive year

Galenica increased its consolidated net sales by 1.7% to CHF 3,416.3 million in 2014, this despite pressure on prices in all markets. All activities continued to grow in this challenging environment.
Following the decision of the Swiss National Bank to remove the CHF/EUR 1.20 floor, Galenica foreign exchange exposure stems mainly from the USD revenue of the Vifor Pharma Business unit. The foreign exchange exposure in the eurozone can be mitigated thanks to the network of own sales affiliates and purchases in the euro area countries. Galenica confirms the 2014 profit target: Group net profit should increase on a comparable basis (without the positive one-time effects due to IAS 19 and settlement of an international tax case in 2013) for the 19th consecutive year, both before and after deduction of minority interests.

Vifor Pharma: further progress in the commercialisation of Ferinject®

Vifor Pharma increased net sales in 2014 by a total of 6.6% to CHF 706.2 million. Following the registration phase for Ferinject®/Injectafer® and the novel phosphate binder Velphoro®, commercialisation of these products now has top priority. Further progress was achieved with Ferinject® in particular in 2014:

  • Growth in local market sales (IMS data, market sales of Vifor Pharma and partners) continued to accelerate. Global market sales (December 2013 – November 2014) totalled approximately CHF 250 million, an increase of 42%.
  • At the global level, the number of units sold (100 mg) grew by 28%.
  • Market sales in the USA increased by an average of more than 10% per month. In 2014, the USA already became the largest single market for Injectafer®/Ferinject®, with annual market sales of USD 50.5 million.
  • Sales of Ferinject®/Injectafer® increased by a total of 19.0% to CHF 188.3 million for Vifor Pharma.

The novel phosphate binder Velphoro® was launched in the USA in March 2014 and in initial European countries in the fourth quarter following EU market approval at the end of August. In total, Vifor Pharma generated sales of CHF 14.9 million with Velphoro® in 2014.

Galenica Santé continues to grow in a stagnating market

In a pharmaceutical and pharmacy market that is stagnating, Galenica Santé was able to generate slightly higher sales year-on-year of CHF 2,781.9 million (+0.6%), thereby gaining market share. Existing strengths should be built on and potential synergies increasingly harnessed. In light of this, the Retail and Logistics Business sectors in particular made more efficient use of infrastructure and optimised processes in 2014. The Galenica Santé offering was also expanded with innovative products and services. There are plans to transfer Vifor Pharma Consumer Healthcare activities that are primarily focused on the Swiss market into the Galenica Santé Business unit as a fourth Consumer Health Business sector by mid-2015.

2014 consolidated net sales of the Galenica Group

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Vifor Pharma




Galenica Santé




- Retail




- Logistics




- HealthCare Information




Galenica Santé intersegment net sales




Intersegment net sales with other Business units








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Galenica is a diversified Group active throughout the healthcare market which, among other activities, develops, manufactures and markets pharmaceutical products, runs pharmacies, provides logistical and database services and sets up networks. With its two Business units Vifor Pharma and Galenica Santé, the Galenica Group enjoys a leading position in all its core business activities. A large part of the Group’s income is generated by international operations. Galenica is listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange (SIX Swiss Exchange, GALN, security number 1,553,646).


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