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sustainability report 2015

Sustainability report 2015

With regard to the environment, Galenica has once again been able to reduce absolute CO2 emissions in 2015, a feat it accomplished despite increased energy consumption, largely by switching all locations in Switzerland to electricity supplied from Swiss hydropower. Specific measures to reduce energy consumption have also been implemented at Galenica sites.




Interview with the Executive Chairman

In future, Galenica will be headed by two CEOs. The purpose of this new management structure is to enable the different Pharma and Santé business models to develop in an even more focused way.

Vifor Pharma has undergone a complete change since 2007, financed by deals developed at the Group level. The company must now become more entrepreneurial itself and develop its own specific specialty pharma and entrepreneurial culture.

Galenica Santé is one of the “important companies in Switzerland” and has extremely strong positions in its market. It has the critical mass and entrepreneurial spirit needed to act differently and successfully.

The chances are very good – both for Vifor Pharma and Galenica Santé – but only under one key condition: we have to continue to perform at a high level and not be satisfied with our preceding success!



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