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CHF 1,437.0 million


CHF 118.7 million


CHF 96.2 million




CHF 14.9 million


4,637 (3,423 full-time equivalents)



Highlights of 2016

With all Sun Store pharmacies having switched to directly invoicing health insurers in the previous year, Amavita pharmacies followed in 2016. Thanks to the TriaFact® platform and direct exchange between pharmacies and health insurers, the costs of processing invoices were reduced and data quality improved.

The online platform Siroop was added to the electronic offering. Health and beauty products are available to customers at any time in the Sun Store, Amavita and Coop Vitality webshops. Information on special offers and health tips can be accessed on the go using the Amavita app.


own and partner pharmacies nearly make up the Retail pharmacy network

A further step towards eHealth was achieved in the form of the Prescription Upload pilot project at a Sun Store location in Lausanne. This allows customers to upload a scanned prescription to a platform and send it to the pharmacy of their choice electronically. The pharmacy receives the prescription by e-mail and can then prepare the medication, allowing waiting time to be kept to a minimum when it is collected. The service is currently offered at all Sun Store, Coop Vitality and Amavita pharmacies.

In October 2016, the Federal Council published a report that, for the first time, would make it possible for pharmacies, and not just general practitioners, to provide people with “simple and low-threshold access” to medical services. Pharmacies should also play a key role in preventative healthcare and the treatment of chronic diseases. While the recognition of pharmacies as the first point of contact for minor complaints is to be welcomed, further developments and decisions are still pending.

Demand from independent pharmacies for Process-one remained high. This quality management system assists them in their planning without generating an excessive administrative burden.

Outlook for 2017

The Retail Business sector continues to pursue its established strategy. Growth is to be achieved both organically, for example with new offerings and services, and through targeted acquisitions and new openings. Efficiency will also be improved by simplifying and harmonising processes, the systematic introduction of the pharmacy software TriaPharm® being one example of this. Standardised platforms make cooperation easier in the shared back office of the pharmacy formats, thereby creating added value for all. Appropriate measures also support efforts to maintain room for manoeuvre as regards future price reduction measures.

Products & Brands


Highlights of 2016

In Switzerland, Vifor Consumer Health clearly outperformed the overall growth of the stable market (IMS Health 2016).

In the period under review, Vifor Consumer Health was again successful in expanding its product range by signing agreements with established consumer brand companies, taking over the exclusive distribution of A-Derma products by the French dermo-cosmetics company Pierre Fabre. Their products have been very well received by the customers. Another contract was signed with the French Alès Group; the exclusive distribution in Switzerland by Galenica for their skincare brand Lierac and their haircare brand Phyto started in early 2017.

Algifor®, Swiss market leader in the pain relief category, outperformed the market
in the period under review, and the new Algifor® Liquid capsules 400 mg Ibuprofen launch was well received by the market. Sales of the market-leading insect repellent Anti-Brumm® grew significantly in both national and international markets, reinforcing its prime position in Germany.

Over 60

product brands in the Vifor Consumer Health portfolio

Outlook for 2017

The Swiss consumer health and self-medication market is expected to develop positively.

Products & Brands intends to continue with the strategy that has already proven its success: strengthen the health franchise in the Swiss OTC healthcare market; launch products with new partnerships, particularly with cosmetics and beauty products; and stimulate export sales with selected products.

The introduction of new products will support growth of existing brands as well as strengthening the portfolio in new categories.


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