Net sales

CHF 2,328.9 million


CHF 61.7 million


CHF 41.4 million




CHF 20.2 million


1,494 (1,234 full-time equivalents)

Highlights of 2016

Galexis has completed the expansion of the distribution centre in Niederbipp, initially creating storage space for an additional 6,100 items, which can be expanded to 11,000 items. In addition, the hourly throughput rate increased by more than 30% to 4,000 containers.

In May 2016, Galenica submitted a takeover bid to the shareholders of the physician wholesaler Pharmapool. By the acceptance deadline at the end of August 2016, 100% of the shareholders of Pharmapool AG had accepted the purchase offer from Galexis, with the Competition Commission (COMCO) approving the acquisition without conditions or requirements at the end of December 2016. The acquisition of Pharmapool was thus completed at the beginning of January 2017 and will strengthen the logistics business of Galenica Santé.

Unione Farmaceutica Distribuzione (UFD) performed well in its home market of Ticino in 2016, while its webshop specialisation for third-party customers, offered throughout Switzerland, also bore fruit.

Alloga developed a solution for postal deliveries in collaboration with a logistics partner. As a result, Alloga ensures GDP conformity across all its sales channels.

Medifilm expanded its capacity at the existing site and is now able to serve up to 30,000 patients across Switzerland. The existing Mediproc software platform has been equipped for direct connection to nursing homes.

By introducing direct invoicing to health insurers, HCI Solutions has, at minimal cost, enhanced the billing process quality of pharmacies working with TriaPharm®. In addition, digital vaccination records have been integrated into the TriaMed® and TriaPharm® systems. In December 2016, the rights to TriaMed® practice software were sold to Swisscom Health. HCI Solutions will thereby focus on information logistics, knowledge databases and developing software tools.


million in investments, among others for the extension of the Niederbipp site

Outlook for 2017

As of 2017, a key priority will be replacement of the current Alloga and Galexis ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. The software provider has been selected and the next stage is the implementation at Alloga.

Galexis intends to use the expanded logistics platform to extend its offering, for example with the Switzerland-wide exclusive distribution of cosmetics, additional medical technology products for pharmacies and new ranges in the areas of homeopathy and chemicals.

Alloga intends to invest in the building infrastructure on the Burgdorf site. The cold room is due to be expanded and linked directly to incoming goods and dispatch via “direct docking”.


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