Stakeholder groups


The stakeholders of the Galenica Group include interest groups and organisations that directly or indirectly affect – or are affected by – the company’s values, actions and performance. Galenica maintains relationships with its direct stakeholders – customers, shareholders, business partners, suppliers, employees and authorities – that are characterised by a high level of transparency, honesty and mutual respect. Dialogue with these stakeholders is usually led by senior management of the business sector which is closest to the stakeholder.

As a diversified organisation, Galenica has a broad internal and external customer base, ranging from pharmacies and their customers to general practitioners, health insurance companies, hospitals and international pharmaceutical groups, to the pharmaceutical companies of the Galenica Group. To assess customer satisfaction and identify potential improvements, Galenica uses internal performance indicators and the findings of independent target group surveys. Each year these findings are used to generate added value for customers.

Collaboration with suppliers is characterised by a continuous process of improvement and is part of the quality management approach in the different business sectors. Quality, costs and prices, as well as possible innovations, are regularly discussed with suppliers and business partners. These types of interaction create transparency and ensure that services are provided as smoothly as possible.

An overview of the Group’s memberships in key business and industrial associations can be found here.


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