Code of Conduct


The Code of Conduct of the Galenica Group defines the rules and standards must be followed by all employees. It is integrated into the employee handbook and is signed by all employees upon joining the company. Because the Code makes explicit reference to bribery, insider trading and discrimination and gives guidance on how to address these issues, it helps break down taboos on discussing these topics. As a result, employees who are confronted with these issues are able to more quickly seek advice in case of uncertainty from Galenica Group Legal Services or the internal Legal department of Vifor Pharma.

Specific conflict situations in day-to-day business are examined and reviewed as part of the management process. Key findings from these reviews are discussed at senior management meetings, and processes or directives adapted, as necessary.

As well as signing the Code of Conduct, employees who may be exposed to such issues, in particular those in the Vifor Pharma Business unit, are given regular training. On average, employees complete a refresher course using a computer-based self-learning tool approximately every three years. By doing so, they can independently check their knowledge of the Code of Conduct.

Galenica ensures that the Group, its subsidiaries and its business partners comply with international and national laws and standards, industry-specific standards and good practices in relation to their social and environmental responsibility. However, Galenica does not accept responsibility for the failure of suppliers and other business partners to comply with these principles unless it is covered by a contractually defined cooperative arrangement.


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