Carbon Disclosure Project

Galenica completed the CDP questionnaire again in 2015. CDP is an international, non-profit organisation providing the largest and sole global environmental database for companies and cities. The aim of CDP is to encourage as many companies as possible to publish data about their impact on the environment and natural resources. In 2015, this information was collected on 822 institutional investors, together representing more than USD 95 trillion in assets, and was disclosed. The questionnaire completed by Galenica can be viewed on the CDP website.

  • Climate Disclosure* Score: 90/100
  • Climate Performance Band**: D (A to E, A = highest rating)

* The Climate Disclosure Score is a measure of transparency and denotes the completeness of the reporting.
** The Climate Performance Band is assigned given a disclosure score of 50/100 or greater and evaluates the effectiveness of the measures taken by the company in order to reduce CO2 emissions and adjust climate change.


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