Products & Brands Business sector

Products & Brands Business sector

The Products & Brands Business sector encompasses companies that are active in the Swiss healthcare market with innovative products and marketing services. With established brands such as Algifor®, Perskindol®, Triofan® and Anti-Brumm®, Vifor Consumer Health plays a leading role in the Swiss market in the area of OTC (over the counter) medical products. Through its links with the other Business sectors, Products & Brands makes a significant contribution to making Galenica Santé the first choice for health, beauty and wellbeing.


  • Vifor Consumer Health researches, develops and produces OTC medical products and parapharmaceutical products, which are sold exclusively in pharmacies and drugstores in Switzerland and in around 45 countries around the world.
  • G-Pharma handles and coordinates the purchase, sale and warehousing of products for customers who do not want to build up their own structures in this area in the Swiss market.


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