Services Business sector

Services Business sector

The Services Business sector plays an important role in the Swiss pharmaceutical supply chain and provides countrywide integrated healthcare logistics services with proven modular solutions that support customers’ success. The strategy centres on strengthening market position and working in close cooperation with all market participants, with a focus on maintaining a high level of availability and systematically leveraging synergies. Storing, despatching and providing products from across the entire health market, incorporating necessary master data and content using HCI Solutions instruments – these are the integrated solutions of the future.



  • Alloga offers a broad range of specialised logistics services(prewholesale) to pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.
  • As the leading pharmaceutical wholesalers in Switzerland, Galexis and Unione Farmaceutica Distribuzione ensure provision to all healthcare partners throughout the country. The companies supply pharmacies, physicians, drugstores and hospitals with over 80,000 referenced healthcare products.
  • Medifilm prepares medicines and food supplements individually on behalf of pharmacies according to the treatment plan for permanent and long-term patients (blister packaging).
  • HCI Solutions develops management solutions for pharmacies as well as tools to securely manage, communicate and distribute sensitive health data.


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