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Galenica is committed to the highest quality and focuses on success in the long term. The strength of the highly diverse Group is its employees, who are responsible for making this commitment a reality through their expertise and high standards. The long-term success of the Galenica Group is dependent on its conviction and commitment to meeting the needs of customers as profitably, efficiently and sustainably as possible.

At the heart of this commitment are the three key sustainability goals of the Galenica Group, which are supported by the Corporate Executive Committee and form an essential part of the Group’s corporate culture:

  • Continual increase of stakeholder value through sustainable practices;
  • Encouragement of staff to act in a responsible, entrepreneurial way;
  • Increase of efficiency of resource management, particularly in energy use.

These goals enable Galenica to increase its efficiency and its capacity for innovation, and therefore its competitiveness, by motivating and raising employee awareness. The close, on-going exchange with various stakeholders also helps maintain the Group’s strong reputation. Given constantly rising energy prices, breaking the link between company growth and its energy consumption represents a very real and considerable challenge.


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