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Galenica Santé

To date, Galenica Santé has held the role of a stable pillar, supporting the development of the pharma business. Galenica Santé has everything it takes for this unit too to become an independent listed company. In order to achieve long-term success, however, Galenica Santé aims to play an even more active and dynamic role in the market. To this end, a new organisational and management structure was introduced as of 1 September 2015.

  • The new Products & Brands Business sector will develop the existing OTC products business of Vifor Consumer Health, as well as other own brands belonging to the Group, and establish itself as an attractive partner for third-party and exclusive brands.
  • Products & Brands will play a key role in the development of targeted partnerships for selected products, as well as in capturing synergies with the Retail Business sector, which possesses a unique pharmacy network of around 500 own and partner pharmacies in the best locations throughout Switzerland.
  • Products & Brands and Retail will be supplemented by the logistics business of the Services Business sector, which has a top-performing infrastructure, combined with services and in-formation relating to the medication process provided by HCI Solutions.

Objective: building on current strengths in a targeted manner

The synergies between these three activities are promising and will enable Galenica Santé to respond to the challenges facing the healthcare sector in general, which should be developed further and exploited in a targeted manner. The new organisational structure will allow Galenica Santé over the next few years to expand its position in the fields of services, own-brands and third-party brands.


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