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To date, Galenica Santé has held the role of a stable pillar, supporting the development of the pharma business. Galenica Santé has everything it takes to become an independent listed company and aims to play an even more active and dynamic role in the market in order to ensure its longterm development. With this in mind, the organisational and management structure was adapted as of 1 September 2015.

Galenica Santé strategy:
Galenica Santé has a unique network in the Swiss healthcare market. Based on this,

    • we manage the largest network of pharmacies in Switzerland and systematically make use of these for the best offerings;
    • we develop and launch new and innovative brands, products and services in the Swiss market;
    • we consistently utilise the synergies from all of our activities;
    • we enter into and maintain partnerships with various market players and thereby make a considerable contribution to a well-functioning healthcare system.

On the basis of the Galenica Santé strategy, the Retail, Products & Brands and Services Business sectors assume the following roles:

Retail: largest pharmacy network with the best offerings
Retail offers a unique range of products and services in Switzerland’s largest network of locally established pharmacies, as well as online. In the local pharmacy, advice, trust and competence come first, supported by the ability to anticipate trends with innovations. Retail systematically utilises potential synergies and orients both systems and processes consistently towards quality and efficiency. Doing so creates added value for the company, customers and partners.

Products & Brands: own and partner brands and products
Products & Brands is a significant growth driver for Galenica Santé. Products & Brands develops and launches own and partner brands and products for the entire specialist retail trade in Switzerland. This is supported with a unique sales organisation comprising specialists in purchasing, customer advice and sales promotion as well as highly qualified experts who carry out individual customer specific training sessions.

Services: best possible use of synergies
As a leading partner of all participants in the Swiss healthcare market, Services provides support with integrated logistic and IT solutions from a single source. Through its unique know-how, Services consolidates its leading market position and cost leadership thanks to high-quality services and innovative offerings.


Objective: building on current strengths in a targeted manner

By developing and exploiting the promising synergies between these three Business sectors, Galenica Santé will be able to respond to the challenges facing the healthcare sector and continue on its successful growth trajectory.


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