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Galenica has successfully strengthened and expanded its pharma business in recent years and made large investments in building a strong organisation. Thanks to its innovative proprietary product portfolio, an international commercialisation network comprising own affiliates and partners, and an organisation with first-class pharma expertise, Vifor Pharma is today a world leader in iron deficiency and has strong market positions in nephrology and immunostimulants.

The focus over the past years has been on the development and international registration of the intravenous iron replacement product Ferinject® (Injectafer® in the USA) and the new phosphate binder Velphoro®. These objectives have been met successfully: Ferinject® is now registered in 70 countries and has also been on the market in the USA since mid-2013 under the name Injectafer®. Velphoro® was launched in the USA in March 2014 and received approval for the EU member states in August 2014. It is currently marketed in 15 countries.

Objective: a stand-alone specialty pharma company

Thanks to its strong performance and development over the past years, Vifor Pharma now has the potential to become a successful stand-alone specialty pharma company, characterised by a strong entrepreneurial culture and a clear strategic focus.

To ensure Vifor Pharma is able to achieve the critical size to become an independent listed company, it needs to increase its market orientation and fully exploit the significant potential of its key growth drivers Ferinject® / Injectafer® and Velphoro®. Changes to the organisational structure are designed to create the competitive, focused and agile organisation that will be needed. Provided that the necessary synergies and strategic fit are in place, organic growth will be complemented by growth through acquisition of products or companies as well as through strategic partnerships.


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