One Group, two strategies

Following the Galenica Group’s consistent and successful implementation of its transformation strategy since 1995, the Board of Directors concluded that the Group was ready to prepare a new phase. In August 2014, a new management structure with two CEOs was introduced to enable the different business models of Vifor Pharma and Galenica Santé to evolve in an even more focused way, taking into account their individual growth dynamics. The management structure was adjusted accordingly and organisational changes implemented.

Two independent listed companies

In May 2016, the Board of Directors concluded that the preconditions for dividing the Group in 2017 had been met, provided the economic environment remains stable. Thereby, the Board of Directors initiated essential steps to create optimum conditions for the Vifor Pharma and Galenica Santé Business units to be able to continue to develop in a focused and sustainable way.

Strategy Vifor Pharma

Vifor Pharma

Objective: building an independent, global specialty pharmaceutical company


Strategy Galenica Santé

Galenica Santé

Objective: building on current strengths in a targeted manner



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