Together for patients!

This is the motto behind the launch of the Galenica Healthcare Professionals Initiative. Along with partners and co-creators, we are organising an event to be held on 10 November 2023 by beautiful Lake Sempach!

We want to promote dialogue between different healthcare professionals. Because we firmly believe that with our case study-oriented collaboration and focus on patients, we develop the best solutions – together and interprofessionally!

In the run-up to the conference in November, the partners involved have compiled various real-life cases and prepared them for the event. These form the core of the initiative.

At the event on November 10, 2023, the real-life cases will be presented in interdisciplinary groups, with the aim of establishing a common understanding of the problem. The aim here is to highlight all perspectives – incorporating in particular the patient’s reality – and to jointly outline initial approaches to solutions. Each group will be accompanied by a facilitator during their discussions.

This process allows the attending healthcare professionals to sharpen their self-perception, including their role, their competencies and their responsibility regarding the needs of the patients.

The initiative is aimed at experienced healthcare professionals who possess the interest and willingness to consider and actively adopt different perspectives. In doing so, they actively contribute their own expertise to the interdisciplinary group and further develop the case from a patient’s perspective.

To this end, participants should have experience in patient interaction or conceptual work. Being a native speaker of German or French and knowledge of the other language is advantageous.

In addition, an information call will be held on 30 August 2023, from 11.30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

  • Outline problem awareness from the patient’s perspective
  • Adopt different perspectives, learn from others, collaborate interdisciplinary
  • Generate initial approaches to solutions
  • Provide specific expertise

The event is free of charge for participants. All you need to bring is interest and enthusiasm for interdisciplinary collaboration, motivation to find joint solutions and a “free” day!

Numerous partners from the healthcare industry, including pharmaceutical companies, care providers, health insurers, telemedicine and physician networks work hand in hand for the Healthcare Professionals Initiative.

Wild Cards to be awarded!

All partners in the Healthcare Professionals Initiative have sought and found suitable talents within their companies. That means more than 55 participants are already confirmed!

However, there are still available spots in the practice groups that we will allocate with so-called Wild Cards.

Would you like to be part of the event, contribute your expertise and not only create added value for patients, but also expand your network in the healthcare sector? On 30 August 2023, you will learn more about the real-life cases listed below and how you can get involved.

Your task in applying for a Wild Card:

Describe your role as a healthcare professional and formulate in one sentence which of the real-life cases spontaneously resonates with you and how you can contribute to the topic.

The deadline for your application is 24 August 2023.

«We develop the best solutions – together and interprofessionally!»

Real-life cases on 10 November 2023

To help you better assess whether your profile (e.g. APN or MPK) might be suitable for one of the cases, here is an overview of the currently submitted real-life cases:

Team 1

Diabetes patient pathway in a managed care model

Team 2

Female Health

Team 3

Telemedicine/pharmacy patient pathway

Team 4

Diabetes patient pathway

Team 5

HIO Art. 71

Team 6

Emergency treatment abroad

Team 7

Acute automation patient pathway

Team 8

Rehabilitation patient pathway

Team 9


Team 10

Parkinson’s patient pathway – artificial nutrition

Team 11

Integrated case management


  • Welcome coffee
  • Welcome and short speech by Danielle Madonna, Head of Healthcare at Galenica
  • Case work in two steps: understanding the problem and developing initial solutions
  • Joint stand-up lunch
  • Keynote speech
  • Market booths with the individual group works, feedback from other groups
  • Evaluation
  • End of the day and farewell
  • Aperitif and individual return journey


24 August 2023­­
Closing date for applications.

30 August 2023
11.30 a.m. – 1 p.m.
(invitation will be sent via email)

Pitches of the submitted practice cases
The case leaders will present their cases.

Those interested in wild cards will receive information about the individual real-life cases and will thus be able to secure an invitation to the event on 10 November 2023.


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