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Working within and for the largest pharmacy network in the country, you can provide a great deal of support and take on interesting roles – whether on the front line or in the back office.

Specialist Pharmacist in Retail Pharmacy (FPH)

The title “Specialist Pharmacist in Retail Pharmacy (FPH)” has been mandatory since 1 January 2018 if you wish to work independently as a federally certified pharmacist or as a manager of a pharmacy.

You complete the work-study further training in the retail pharmacy under the responsibility of a recognised further training instructor. You will be supported on your journey: At Galenica, you will receive close monitoring, support and coaching.

Do you have a foreign qualification in pharmacy? If so, it must be recognised by MEBEKO in order for you to complete this further training.


For a workload of between 80 and 100%, the training normally lasts two years. If you have a lower workload, the further training will be extended accordingly.


Galenica covers the costs. All the more reason to train as a specialist pharmacist in retail pharmacy.

How you benefit

  • Galenica covers your further training costs, travel expenses and membership of pharmaSuisse
  • Anne-Claude Bützberger is your personal contact
  • Paid training days
  • Large FPH community: Exchange ideas with all FPH students from the entire Galenica Group

Specialist pharmacist – your path to more responsibility

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Anne-Claude Bützberger
Anne-Claude Bützberger

Anne-Claude Bützberger

Pharmacist and specialist in education & further training

«This further training is a great opportunity for every pharmacist! I look forward to supporting you with that.»