Reasons to work at Galenica

Five good reasons to work for the Galenica Group

Our five key values are the reference point for our actions and shape our conduct and decision-making each day. They therefore play an essential part in the implementation of the strategy and objectives and are a crucial element in our success.

  • We participate with passion and act as entrepreneurs.
  • We build trust through credibilityand competence.
  • We show respect and know that together, we are stronger.
  • Remuneration: We pay appropriate, market-oriented and performance-related salaries. We offer various working time arrangements, make targeted efforts to promote employee health and are committed to extensive social benefits.
  • Family policy: Galenica is keen for its employees to remain healthy, motivated and effective over the long term. This also includes employees being able to structure their family and working lives based on their individual needs as far as possible.
    The Galenica Group is therefore a member of profawo, the association for reconciling family and professional life. By implication, employees can benefit from its services.
  • Children’s Fund: The Galenica Group provides its employees with the option of opening an interest-bearing account for their children. The objective of the Children’s Fund is voluntary saving by parents for their children. The amount saved by the employee is topped up with a monthly sum from the employer.
  • Employee discount: Galenica employees benefit from special conditions when purchasing items from all Amavita and Sun Store pharmacies and perfumeries and all Coop Vitality pharmaciefs.
  • Employee shares: Galenica employees resident in Switzerland are entitled to purchase between 20 and 80 registered Galenica shares at a discounted price every year. These shares are blocked for sale for three years after the date of purchase.
  • Pension fund: The Galenicare Pension Fund offers its participants comprehensive protection against the economic consequences of old age, disability and death within the framework of the second pillar. The benefits are set out in the pension regulations and exceed the minimum benefits according to the Swiss Federal Act on Occupational Retirement, Survivors' and Disability Pension Plans (BVG).

Continuing education is essential for each of us to complete and enhance our professional knowledge. Only in this way can we reinforce the position of our Group and its Business sectors and companies in the face of a continually changing market. Confirming our leadership status in multiple markets is therefore a constant challenge that drives us all.

Galenica offers its employees a comprehensive range of internal continuing education opportunities. These include multi-stage management training, expanding methodological skills or membership of the “Comité de Réflexion”, a network of committed and promising staff members, to name but three examples of development opportunities.

The various activities of the Galenica Group and possibility of tapping synergies within the Business sectors constantly open up new opportunities and exciting challenges for employees.

Galenica is a dynamic company that

  • helps to shape the Swiss healthcare market of the future through innovation,
  • is a reliable, attractive partner and employer, and
  • aims at generating reliable, attractive returns with manageable risks.

Galenica is committed to the highest quality and focuses on success in the long term. The connecting link in our Group is its employees, who are responsible for making this commitment a reality through their expertise and high standards. The long-term success of the Galenica Group depends on the conviction and commitment of its employees to meeting the needs of customers as profitably, efficiently and sustainably as possible. Our five key values form the basis for the actions and decisions of all employees. We firmly believe that a company can only achieve long-term commercial success if it lives up to its social responsibility and uses natural resources efficiently and respectfully.


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