Anne-Claude has been working at Galenica since 2010, with one interruption, and in a wide variety of roles. The Training & Development department has been her home for the past two years. “I look after pharmacists who are pursuing further training to become specialist pharmacists in retail pharmacy. I also run some of these training courses.” She really enjoys these aspects of her job, she says, and:

«What I like about Galenica is that people with passion and commitment who take responsibility are really supported. Anyone who wants to make a difference here is able to do so and gets the help they need.»

The training and development specialist reports that this approach can be felt in all of the Group divisions and functions in which she has worked to date, and is also reflected in the company’s great openness and accessibility. “If you want to Skype the CEO, he will answer. There’s a lot of passion here, I love it!”