After completing an apprenticeship as a bricklayer, Fabrizio worked in the construction industry, as a logistician at Swiss Post and as a sales assistant in a clothes shop. He heard about a job at Sunstore in Saint-Sulpice from his sister: he was in charge of the accounts there. “I’m the perfect example of how learning by doing can help you achieve a lot!” says the 33-year-old. When Sunstore was taken over by Galenica, he went along with it. He initially worked in the Accounts Payable department and has now been employed as a specialist administrator in Financial Operations – Accounting for Pharmacies for the past three years. As for the working conditions, he works one day a week in Bern and the rest of his time can be arranged flexibly.

«I’m a freedom lover – at Galenica I can live life to the full!»

Freedom also requires self-discipline, but his managers would have trusted him right from the start: «The job is perfect for me. Now I can safely say: I want to stay at Galenica for the rest of my life.»