“A willingness to learn, a visionary spirit, leadership skills – and a good team!” For assistant pharmacist Gjem, the qualities needed to be successful in your job are clear. The fact that Galenica also embraces these values at company level motivates him even more. “I definitely want to develop my skills further”, says Gjem. This is why he regularly undertakes further training, for example at the Clinical Skills Center at the University of Bern. This allows him to acquire skills that directly benefit his customers. In his experience:

«Patients have a great response to our services.»

So konnte er eine Kundin kompetent beraten, die mit einem akuten Tubenkatarrh in die Apotheke kam: «Dank der Weiterbildung konnte ich die Untersuchung mit dem Otoskop selbständig durchführen, die Verdachtsdiagnose bestätigen und die entsprechenden Medikamente abgeben. Mein Chefapotheker unterstützte mich dabei mit seiner wertvollen Erfahrung.» Das besondere Erfolgserlebnis für Gjem: «Die Patientin kam drei Tage später erneut vorbei und bedankte sich für die Hilfe!»This continued training has enabled him to provide expert advice to a customer who came to the pharmacy with acute Eustachian tube catarrh: “Thanks to my new skills, I was able to carry out the otoscope examination myself, confirm the suspected diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate medication. The head pharmacist supported me with his valuable experience.” And to make it even more special for Gjem: “The patient came back three days later and thanked me for my help!”