Corporate culture

One of the key elements of the success of the Galenica Group is and remains our strong corporate culture. Although the Galenica Group is active in different Service Units, there are key values that are shared, cultivated and put into practice by all employees.

Our five key values

Passion comes from within. It is what drives us to contribute to the sustainable, successful further development of the Galenica Group.

The commitment of each individual counts. We take pride in our common dedication to Galenica; it gives us satisfaction and motivates us to approach our tasks with a high level of commitment.

Passionate people undertake initiatives, contribute new ideas and seek solutions when problems arise. In doing so, we also enthuse and inspire colleagues, patients and customers, business partners and shareholders.

This passion is accompanied by a high degree of identification with Galenica. Despite targeted growth, we aim to remain modest and practical in both thought and action. Modesty is important because it is the opposite of arrogance. An arrogant company does not listen to the market and cannot meet its clients’ future expectations. Our decisions are courageous and sometimes unconventional, but we always take them with due caution and care.

Customers and the market are our focus.

We act with foresight and undertake initiatives to anticipate trends and new requirements by proposing innovative offers. We comply with regulations and legislation and weigh risks carefully. If, despite all due care, errors occur, we provide information openly and immediately, and try to find constructive solutions. Only in this way can we learn from mistakes.

Ultimately, individual results translate into our long-term success: so everybody is responsible for our actions and our success. We have a healthy, ambitious commitment to being successful.

Despite continuous growth, we want to maintain the flexibility of a small company with small units, flat structures and short decision-making processes. This ensures that we act in a practical, targeted and timely manner.

We want to be more agile, quicker and better than our competitors. In this sense, we keep in mind that resources are limited and realise our objectives in the most economical and sustainable way.

We are transparent and explain what we are doing and why.

We do and put into practice what we say – we are role models. We keep our promises and commitments. That makes us credible.

We are also credible because we communicate in an open, honest and consistent manner. We channel our communications to our stakeholders so that they understand us.

We know our business; we are experts – each in his or her own area and in our specific tasks. We prove our competence every day and demonstrate to our colleagues, customers and partners that they can rely on us.

Credibility and competence are the basic requirements for trust. Building trust takes time and a great deal of commitment; however, losing trust can happen all too quickly. Trust cannot be bought. We earn trust only when we consistently demonstrate our credibility and competence on a daily basis.

Showing respect means knowing your own limits and respecting the abilities and opinions of others; this also applies to our competitors and the market.

We are modest and restrained in manner. We know that success is not a given. We have to work hard for it, time and again, with endurance, discipline, commitment and a willingness to forge new paths.

We show esteem and recognition to all our contacts. Similarly, we value diversity within our Group and are open to different opinions and approaches. By aiming to understand other positions and consciously maintaining and exploiting the benefits of our diversity, we contribute to the greater whole.

Ethical and social conduct is an obligation for us all. We assume our social responsibility in society through targeted projects.

Nobody knows everything! We therefore rely on each individual, on his or her competences and commitment.

Each individual should also be able to rely on the others. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Together, we are stronger. We share our knowledge, search for the best solutions together and provide mutual support.

We need and promote employees who play an effective part in the team. This requires a willingness to approach others openly, as well as mutual respect and confidence. It also requires a willingness to search for commonalities and tap synergies.

Annual motto

The annual motto for 2020 and 2021 is “Trust, change, connect!”. The three invitations it contains are a perfect fit with the challenging, changing environment of the Galenica Group. The slogan expands on the key value “We build trust” and encourages employees to shape the future with trust and deal positively with and actively support changes in their day-to-day working life. The annual motto also relates to digitalisation, which focuses on networking systems, supported by numerous projects and innovations.

The five key values

This involved sawing, cutting, sanding, gluing, bonding, cleaning, edging, painting, varnishing and assembling. What did they create? Prepare to be amazed!


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