Galenica has a range of tools to support employees. They align their decisions and activities with the principles of value creation (value-based management).

Modular training formats for employees

New employees are given an induction day during which the culture, development, strategy and the companies of the Galenica Group are presented. Further seminars cover specialist topics and methodology.

Management training

Management training is built up of modules in the following areas:

  • Self-management and management tools
  • How to manage staff and conduct interviews
  • Leading and developing a team
  • Performance and health
  • Corporate management and change management

Talent development programme

Under this programme, selected employees – usually members of Senior Management (MDI) or Management (MKA) – are supported by an experienced manager with the aim of further career advancement. The focus is on the further development of the individual and leadership skills rather than expertise.

Individual contacts and internal networks across specialist areas and companies make up Galenica’s unique culture. With the two-year programme we want to make use of the experience of senior management to further develop young talent at different levels.


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