Galenica prepares for the future

Press release, Tuesday, 1 December 2020

In order to implement its strategy quickly and effectively in a rapidly changing environment, Galenica is adapting its organisational and management structure as of 1 January 2021. The new structure is consistently focused on customers, promotes collaboration within the Group and strengthens the pharmacy channel, both in stores and online. At the same time, new opportunities for synergy and efficiency are opening up. The future Executive Committee will be composed of the members of the current Corporate Executive Committee and will be joined by Virginie Pache Jeschka.

The healthcare market in Switzerland is not only characterised by ongoing pressure on drug prices and margins, greater regulation and increasing complexity; the Galenica Group’s market environment is also strongly influenced by advancing digitisation, new customer needs and societal changes. Moreover, events such as COVID-19 with all its consequences lead to the fact that the framework conditions and customer behaviour are changing ever faster.

In this context, the strategic programmes Omni-channel, Care, Professionals and Efficiency have been launched. Galenica is adjusting its organisational and management structure to create optimum conditions for their implementation.

New organisational and management structure

The most important elements of the new organisation are as follows:

  • In the future organisational structure, there will no longer be any Business Sectors (today's Retail, Products & Brands and Services). The management team consisting of the CEO and the heads of the newly structured Service Units will lead the Group directly.

  • The well-established Business Units which are well known on the market and work directly for customers, such as the pharmacy formats Amavita, Sun Store and Coop Vitality or the companies Galexis, Alloga and Verfora, will remain independent.

  • These Business Units will be managed by the newly structured Service Units Pharmacies, Healthcare, Products & Marketing, Wholesale & Logistics and IT & Digital Services. In addition, these Service Units will leverage their specialist expertise to support the Group as a whole.

  • In the Service Units Finance, Human Resources, Corporate Communications, Legal & Board Services and Transformation, support functions will be organised on group-level and be managed centrally.

The objectives of the new organisation are to promote and facilitate collaboration with flatter hierarchies and to bring management closer to the customer. The Business Units will be supported by the Service Units so that in future they can concentrate even more effectively on their core tasks and offer the best service to customers. Bundling competencies in the various Service Units will create the framework to develop new products and services more efficiently with shorter time-to-market. In addition, it will create potential for synergies and increased efficiency.

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