A new visual identity as a symbol of the Galenica network

Press release, Friday, 2 September 2022

From the first quarter of 2023, the Galenica Group will introduce a new visual appearance. In doing so, Galenica is taking another step on its journey of transformation into a fully integrated, networked healthcare provider. The new visual identity symbolises the network of all the services and products the companies of the Galenica Group offer their patients, customers and partners in the healthcare market.

Galenica adapted its organisational and management structure in 2021 to implement its strategy quickly and effectively in a rapidly changing environment. As a result, cooperation within the Group has taken on a new dynamic. The interdisciplinary teams are consistently focused on customers and have launched and implemented initiatives to further develop and expand the Group’s various business areas. At the same time, the network has been strengthened and expanded with targeted acquisitions.

Maximising customer experience and added value and leveraging synergies

The Galenica Group already stands for a network of strong and leading corporate product and service brands. This multi-brand strategy will continue to be pursued consistently in future.

Galenica will also make even better use of synergies through joint services and offers from its network to maximise the customer experience and customer added value. For example, as part of the implementation of the omni-channel strategy, a central online platform is to be created that gives customers access to all offers, products and services with just one login. In costumer bonus programmes, joint offers will allow customers of the various pharmacy formats to benefit even more from the strength of the Galenica network.

A fully integrated, networked healthcare provider with a new visual identity

The name Galenica will continue to be used for Galenica Ltd. only. However, the new Galenica Corporate Identity will in future also represent the Galenica network and be used as a uniform basis for marketing joint services.

The new visual identity in addition supports an independent, differentiated market presence for the logistics and IT companies Galexis, Alloga and HCI Solutions, which form the historic core of the Group. The multi-brand strategy is thus being put into practice even more consistently.

The rebranding of Galenica symbolises the next major stage in the Group’s journey of transformation. It will be introduced and joint offers from the Galenica network implemented in stages from the first quarter of 2023 onwards.

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