New insurance model from Groupe Mutuel: Amavita, Sun Store and Coop Vitality pharmacies as first point of contact.

Monday, 19 August 2019

The Amavita, Sun Store and Coop Vitality pharmacy formats are partners in the new, alternative PrimaPharma insurance model from Groupe Mutuel. With PrimaPharma, customers benefit from the expertise of the pharmacist and an initial medical assessment. This service is available in more than 350 pharmacies with no need for an appointment.

Under the PrimaPharma insurance model, the pharmacy is the first point of call for health-related issues. Thanks to their training and experience, the pharmacist can give an initial medical assessment and provide customers with immediate advice. They can recommend a medication or – if necessary – referral to a doctor or hospital.

Role of the pharmacy strengthened

The collaboration with Groupe Mutuel is a further step towards the Swiss Federal Council’s Health2020 strategy, in which the role of pharmacies in basic healthcare is strengthened.
Switzerland lacks family doctors. The number of patients without a family doctor who go directly to the hospital emergency department is increasing, resulting in high costs. As a first point of contact for health issues, the pharmacy relieves the burden on hospital emergency departments and fills the gap caused by the lack of family doctors.

PrimaPharma will be available from 1 January 2020. It is an alternative basic health insurance model with a limited choice of healthcare providers (comparable with the family doctor model). Through this collaboration, the partners are contributing to contain rising healthcare costs.

The customer service of Groupe Mutuel will be happy to answer any questions regarding the PrimaPharma insurance model:

Tel. 0848 803 111

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