The protection of patients and employees is Galenica’s top priority

Thursday, 9 April 2020

In recent weeks, under the most difficult and unique circumstances, Galenica has made every effort to ensure the supply of medicines and healthcare products to the Swiss population.

The protection of patients and employees is always the top priority. Numerous measures have been implemented in the pharmacies to achieve this: for example, Plexiglas barriers have been installed at tills and gondola displays have been moved to create more space and facilitate social distancing. There are limits on the number of customers who are allowed to be in a pharmacy at the same time, and employees have disinfectants and protective masks, which must be worn in risk situations. Pharmacies are using the tried-and-tested home delivery service to deliver medicines to customers’ homes, especially for risk groups.
At the distribution centres, employees’ temperature is taken at the start of work – a measure that is greatly appreciated by the workforce. The company is organised to ensure that the minimum physical distance required can be ensured and that everyone has access to disinfectant.
All other employees who are not working at the front line are encouraged to work from home
whenever possible.

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