Sustainability report 2019: innovation further strengthens patient safety and health

Friday, 15 May 2020

The Galenica Group’s business activities have an economic, social and ecological impact throughout the entire value chain of the healthcare market. Sustainability is an integral part of Galenica’s corporate management, and the sustainability report 2019 shows how measures are implemented and what has been achieved so far.

The safety and health of patients is a top priority at Galenica and has been further strengthened by innovations. For example, HCI Solutions and Galenicare integrated the first nationally established electronic medication plan from the e-Mediplan interest group into the apps of all Galenica Group pharmacies. The e-Mediplan not only sends automated messages reminding customers to take their medication, it also offers product information such as dosage, when to start and finish taking the medication, remarks, instructions and images. It has the unique feature that medication-related data can be scanned directly in the pharmacy from a QR code.

Video therapy support is another example. With this, Mediservice has expanded its services in the home care sector and created additional advantages for patients. Not only can the safety and independence of patients be greatly enhanced, but their health and wellbeing can be improved significantly too.

In-home care and advice for patients with serious illnesses not only improve their quality of life but also help them cope better with their often difficult situations. With the acquisitions of the Bichsel Group and Curarex Swiss, the Galenica Group strengthened its home care offering in 2019, and together with Mediservice it provides a unique and specialised range of services for patients at home.

Outlook for 2020

An internal review of the relevance matrix and ambitions in the core topics is planned in 2020. On this basis, internal targets and performance-related indicators will be defined for all core topics. By doing this, Galenica is increasing its commitment and ensuring measurable, targeted implementation with regard to its ambitions.

The Galenica Group provides detailed information on this topic in its Sustainability report, which is now also available in a short version.

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