• Expanded role of pharmacists

    January: Expanded role of pharmacists

    Pharmacists are now permitted to sell an expanded range of medications for common illnesses without a prescription, thereby enhancing their responsibilities.


    • One year of Dermafora®

      February: One year of Dermafora®

      Derma-cosmetics line Dermafora® from Verfora celebrates its first birthday and is constantly being expanded.


      • High volume

        March: High volume

        Galexis, Alloga and Unione Farmaceutica Distribuzione (UFD) process approximately 60 % higher volumes due to the coronavirus pandemic.


        • Change in management

          April: Change in management

          New CEO Marc Werner takes over management of the Galenica Group from Jean-Claude Clémençon.


          • Verfora takes over Thermacare ®

            May: Verfora takes over Thermacare ®

            Verfora takes over distribution of the well-known Thermacare® brand for Switzerland and Liechtenstein.


            • Launch of Coop Vitality mail-order pharmacy

              June: Launch of Coop Vitality mail-order pharmacy

              Coop Vitality is the first pharmacy format to launch its mail-order pharmacy. This marks a key milestone in the Omni-channel strategy.


              • Verfora continues to expand

                July: Verfora continues to expand

                Verfora acquires the Hedoga Group with its well-known brands Osa®, Osanit® and Carmol®.


                • Launch of Amavita mail-order pharmacy

                  August: Launch of Amavita mail-order pharmacy

                  Amavita customers can now reorder medications on repeat prescription online and receive them by post.


                  • New services for pharmacies

                    September: New services for pharmacies

                    Pharma-Info, a joint venture of HCI Solutions and IFAK Data, takes over service offerings for pharmacies from Swiss pharmacy association Pharmasuisse.


                    • Vita-Merfen® available again

                      October: Vita-Merfen® available again

                      Vita-Merfen®, the wellknown and popular ointment for disinfection and wound healing, is available again in pharmacies, drugstores and through online pharmacy shops.


                      • Rapid COVID-19 tests available in pharmacies

                        November: Rapid COVID-19 tests available in pharmacies

                        The first Amavita, Sun Store and Coop Vitality pharmacies offer rapid COVID-19 tests.


                        • Renewal for Galenica

                          December: Renewal for Galenica

                          The Galenica Group announces a new organisational structure from 2021 to meet customer and market needs even better in the future.