Health & Beauty

Net sales

CHF 1,620.8 million

EBIT adjusted1)

CHF 123.7 million

ROS adjusted1)



CHF 22.5 million


5,274 (3,975 full-time equivalents)

1) See chapter Alternative performance measures from page 92 onwards in the 2019 Annual report (full version)

Solid development despite a challenging market environment

The Health & Beauty segment comprises the Retail and Products & Brands Business sectors. In the Retail Business sector, Galenica operates the largest pharmacy network in Switzerland, with over 500 own and partner pharmacies. It comprises the Amavita and Sun Store pharmacy chains, the Coop Vitality pharmacies, which are operated as a joint venture, and the pharmacy network of independent Winconcept partners. Retail’s products and services are offered in pharmacies, as well as online and to patients at home (home care).

The Products & Brands Business sector develops and markets both own consumer products and brands and partner products and brands in the retail segment of the Swiss healthcare market and offers various services. These include marketing and sales support as well as product approval, quality control, supply chain management and training.


The Health & Beauty segment increased net sales in 2019 by 6.3% to CHF 1,620.8 million, CHF 1,515.7 million of which was accounted for by the Retail Business sector and CHF 102.1 million by the Products & Brands Business sector. The further strengthening of the pharmacy network and the acquisition of the Bichsel Group in May 2019 notably contributed to the sales development.

The adjusted1) operating result (EBIT) of the Health & Beauty segment, that is excluding the effect of the new lease accounting standard IFRS 16, increased by 12.1% to CHF 123.7 million. The first-time adoption of IFRS 16 increased EBIT by a further CHF 2.6 million to CHF 126.3 million.

Adjusted1) return on sales (ROS) was improved by 0.4 percentage points to 7.6% (previous year: 7.2%). In addition to the expansion and optimisation of the pharmacy network, the close collaboration within the Galenica Group, such as between the Retail and Products & Brands Business sectors, made a decisive contribution to this. The Retail and Services Business sectors in turn improved the efficiency of deliveries to the three own pharmacy formats through four daily automatic reorders of the top-selling products so that these orders no longer have to be placed manually.

Investments in the Health & Beauty segment totalled CHF 22.5 million (previous year: CHF 14.1 million) and were principally used for the development and launch of new products and services, the rebuilding and renovation of pharmacies and IT projects.

1) See chapter Alternative performance measures from page 92 onwards in the 2019 Annual report (full version)

Net sales development

The Retail Business sector increased net sales in 2019 by 6.0% to CHF 1,515.7 million (excluding Coop Vitality).

The number of own pharmacies as of the end of 2019 totalled 356 locations (+11 compared to the end of 2018). The expansion of the pharmacy network and acquisitions accounted for 5.6% of the sales increase. On a comparable basis, net sales for 2019 increased by 0.4%. The government-mandated price reduction  measures for medications had a negative impact of 1.8% on sales growth. Excluding these price reductions, organic growth (excluding expansion effects) would have amounted to a pleasing 2.2%. Generic substitution of a good 70%, which is actively promoted by Galenica, also curbed sales because of the lower medication prices.


Net sales in million CHF
Galenica Group CHF 3,301.0 million

The pharmacy network of the Retail Business sector saw above-average growth in the year under review. A total of 11 locations were acquired and 8 new pharmacies opened. At the same time, 8 locations were closed down as part of optimisation measures and the customers and employees transferred to Amavita, Sun Store or Coop Vitality pharmacies nearby. Accordingly, the number of own pharmacies as of the end of 2019 increased by 11 locations to 356. Together with the 157 points of sale of independent Winconcept and Amavita partner pharmacies, the Swiss pharmacy network of the Galenica Group comprised 513 pharmacies at the end of 2019.


Number of employees
Galenica Group 7,071

Net sales development

The Products & Brands Business sector, which mainly comprises the business activities of Verfora, achieved net sales totalling CHF 102.1 million (+11.3%) in 2019. This pleasing growth was due in part to solid increases in sales of Algifor®, Triofan®, Triomer® and the magnesium-based products, as well as the launch of the new own derma-cosmetics range Dermafora®. Distribution in Switzerland of the well-known Vicks® products and of Metamucil®, which was taken over from Procter & Gamble at the beginning of 2019, also contributed to this success.

Products & Brands increased net sales in the Swiss market by 11.4% to CHF 82.1 million, thus clearly exceeding the growth of the consumer healthcare market of 1.0% (IQVIA, Consumer Health Market Switzerland 2019). As a result, Verfora was able to successfully build on its leading position in the Swiss consumer healthcare market in the year under review.

Export sales were up 11.0% to CHF 20.0 million. Solid sales of Perskindol® in Asia and Anti-Brumm® in Europe contributed in particular to this positive performance.


Net sales in million CHF
Galenica Group CHF 3,301.0 million


Number of employees
Galenica Group 7,071


Net sales in million CHF
Galenica Group CHF 3,301.0 million


EBIT adjusted1) in million CHF
Galenica Group CHF 166.9 million