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Net sales

CHF 1,524.8 million


CHF 110.4 million




CHF 14.1 million


4,872 (3,685 full-time equivalents)

Always focused on the customer

The Health & Beauty segment comprises the Retail and Products & Brands Business sectors. In the Retail Business sector, Galenica operates the largest pharmacy network in Switzerland, giving it an excellent distribution network that offers unique potential for the sale of own, exclusive and partner brands. In the Products & Brands Business sector, Galenica develops and markets its own brands and products as well as exclusive brands and products of its business partners.


Net sales and operating result

The Health & Beauty segment increased net sales in 2018 by 3.1% to CHF 1,524.8 million, CHF 1,430.5 million of which was accounted for by the Retail Business sector and CHF 91.7 million by the Products & Brands Business sector. In addition to organic growth, this performance was primarily attributable to the expansion of the pharmacy network.

The operating result (EBIT) of the Health & Beauty segment improved by 10.7% to CHF 110.4 million, while return on sales (ROS) rose markedly by 0.5 percentage points to 7.2% (previous year: 6.7%). This is an impressive result that demonstrates the further improvement in efficiency. Various measures and projects that were launched in recent years are now having a full effect on profitability. These include, for example, the switch to direct invoicing to health insurers, the consolidation of the central functions in the Retail Business sector and the continuing strengthening and optimisation of the pharmacy network.

Investments in the Health & Beauty segment totalled CHF 14.1 million (previous year: CHF 28.9 million including acquisition of the Merfen® and Vita-Merfen® brands) and were principally used for the development and launch of new products and services, and for the rebuilding and renovation of pharmacies.

Strengthening of the pharmacy network

Net sales development

The Retail Business sector increased net sales in 2018 by 3.1% year-on-year to CHF 1,430.5 million (excluding Coop Vitality). The expansion of the pharmacy network accounted for 2.6% of growth. On a comparable basis, net sales for 2018 increased by 0.5%. The government-mandated price reduction measures for medications had a negative impact of 1.6% on growth. Excluding these price reductions, organic growth (excluding expansion effects) would have amounted to a pleasing 2.1%.


Net sales in million CHF
Galenica Group CHF 3,165.0 million

Thirteen pharmacies joined the own-pharmacy network in 2018, including ten acquisitions, one of which was the “Bahnhof Apotheke” pharmacy at Zurich main station, which was acquired in full in the second half of 2018; there were also three new openings. At the same time, five locations were removed as part of optimisation measures, meaning that the number of own pharmacies in 2018 increased by a net total of eight to 345 locations (previous year: 337). Together with the Amavita and Winconcept partner pharmacies, the Galenica pharmacy network comprised more than 500 points of sale throughout Switzerland for the first time as of the end of 2018.


Number of employees
Galenica Group 6,580

Dynamic developments

Net sales development

Despite challenging market conditions, the Products & Brands Business sector, mainly comprising the business activities of Verfora, achieved net sales totalling CHF 91.7 million (+2.7%) in 2018. Due in part to the strong flu and hay fever season in the first half of 2018 and supply constraints of other products in the market, Algifor® and Triofan® performed very well. Consequently, Products & Brands exceeded consumer healthcare market growth (1.2%, IQVIA, Consumer Health Market Switzerland 2018), increasing its net sales in Switzerland by 3.8% to CHF 73.7 million. Thus, and for the first time,Verfora became the number one company in the total Swiss consumer healthcare market by the third quarter of 2018 (IQVIA, Consumer Health Market Switzerland 2018). Export sales declined by 1.6% to CHF 18.0 million, due in particular to the additional sales generated in 2017 by the launch of Anti-Brumm Sun® in Germany and Austria.


Net sales in million CHF
Galenica Group CHF 3,165.0 million


Number of employees
Galenica Group 6,580


Net sales in million CHF
Galenica Group CHF 3,165.0 million


EBIT in million CHF
Galenica Group CHF 154.1 million (adjusted)


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