Health & Beauty

Net sales

CHF 1,671.4 million

EBIT adjusted1)

CHF 123.9 million

ROS adjusted1)

7.4 %


CHF 25.1 million


5,382 (4,025 full-time equivalents)

1) See section “Alternative performance measures” from page 86 onwards in the Annual report 2020 (full version)

Strong growth in spite of major challenges

In the year under review, the Health & Beauty segment comprised the Retail and Products & Brands Business sectors. Retail operates the largest pharmacy network in Switzerland, with over 500 own and partner pharmacies. In addition, together with Mediservice, the Bichsel Group and Curarex Swiss, Galenica provides a unique and specialised range of home care services. Retail’s products and services are offered in pharmacies, as well as online and to patients at home (home care).

The Products & Brands Business sector markets and distributes both own consumer products and brands and partner products and brands for the retail segment of the Swiss healthcare market. As of 1 January 2021, Galenica has introduced a new organisational structure.


The Health & Beauty segment recorded net sales of CHF 1,671.4 million in 2020 (+3.1 %). The growth was driven in particular by strong dynamic expansion activities such as acquisitions in the pharmacy network and product portfolio. In spite of the persistent negative impact of COVID-19, the Health & Beauty segment managed to increase its adjusted1) operating result (EBIT), i.e. excluding the effects of the lease accounting standard IFRS 16, by 0.2 % to CHF 123.9 million in the year under review. However, adjusted1) return on sales (ROS) decreased from 7.6 % to 7.4 %. Investments in the Health & Beauty segment totalled CHF 25.1 million (previous year: CHF 22.5 million). These were used in particular for pharmacy renovations, the ERP rollout at Mediservice and a new filling facility at Bichsel, as well as for the further development and implementation of the Omni-Channel strategy.

Net sales development

The Retail Business sector increased net sales in 2020 by 2.7 % to CHF 1,556.1 million (excluding Coop Vitality). The positive sales performance is primarily attributable to the acquisition of the Bichsel Group in 2019 and the significant expansion of the pharmacy network. The expansion (including the Bichsel Group) accounted for +3.2 % of the sales growth. On a comparable basis (excluding expansion effects), net sales decreased by 0.5 %.
By comparison, medications sales (prescription [Rx] and OTC products) in the Swiss pharmacy market as a whole grew by 2.4 % (IQVIA, Pharmaceutical Market Switzerland 2020).

Sales were adversely impacted by a one-time effect in 2020, which saw various intra-Group goods transactions discontinued at the beginning of 2020 as part of ongoing process optimisations. This negatively affected sales in the Retail Business sector by 1.7 % compared to the previous year. Excluding this one-time effect, organic growth would have amounted to +1.2 %. This one-time effect has no impact on the Group’s consolidated sales.

Net sales in million CHF
Galenica Group CHF 3,479.8 million

The decline in sales in pharmacies at high-frequency locations in railway stations and airports due to COVID-19 had a negative impact of 1.9 % on the development of sales in the Retail Business sector in 2020.

On the other hand, the three-fold increase in sales by the Amavita and Sun Store online shops coupled with the pleasing 5.7 % growth by the Mediservice specialty pharmacy were able to practically compensate for the COVID-19-related decline in sales of 1.7 % by the end of the year. In financial year 2020, the Retail Business sector further linked the online and offline worlds, for example by combining the Click & Collect offering with the home delivery service. Furthermore, the new mail-order pharmacy of Coop Vitality was launched in spring 2020, with Amavita following in the second half and Sun Store in January 2021.

Number of employees
Galenica Group 7,205

Net sales development

The Products & Brands Business sector, which mainly comprises the business activities of Verfora, realised net sales of CHF 111.7 million in 2020. The year-on-year sales growth of 9.4 % could be achieved thanks to new distribution agreements and the strong expansion of the product portfolio, with an expansion effect of +17.3 %. Sales in the core market Switzerland increased by 6.3 % to CHF 87.3 million thanks to the expansion activities. Due to COVID-19-related declines in sales of Algifor® (ibuprofen) as well as cold and travel-related products, sales fell 7.2 % on a comparable basis (excluding expansion effect). Additional sales of hygiene and prevention products were only partially able to compensate for these losses. Export sales totalled CHF 24.4 million, +22.3 % year-on-year – primarily as a result of the acquisition of the Hedoga Group.

Net sales in million CHF
Galenica Group CHF 3,479.8 million
Number of employees
Galenica Group 7,205
Net sales in million CHF
Galenica Group CHF 3,479.8 million
EBIT adjusted1) in million CHF
Galenica Group CHF 168.6 million


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