Galenica Group

Pleasing development following the IPO

The Galenica Group increased consolidated net sales by 6.8 % to CHF 1,587.5 million in the first half of 2017.

Net sales

1,587.5 million


76.6 million



The operating result (EBIT) rose by 17.6 % to CHF 71.5 million and, on a comparable basis (excluding the effects of IAS 19), grew by 14.1 % to CHF 76.6 million. Included in EBIT are one-off effects from the sales of the rights of the TriaMed® medical practice software to Swisscom and of a non-operational building in Schönbühl (canton of Bern), which totalled CHF 7.0 million.

Galenica posted a profit of CHF 57.9 million. On a comparable basis (excluding the effects of IAS 19), net profit was CHF 62.1 million. The profit includes one-off effects of CHF 6.3 million.

Investments increased to CHF 33.5 million (previous year: CHF 17.0 million), primarily as a result of the acquisition of the Merfen® and Vita-Merfen® brands.


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