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Products & Brands

Innovative solutions for health and beauty

Net sales development

In the first half of 2017, the Products & Brands Business sector generated net sales of CHF 51.1 million, an increase of 6.8 % compared to the first half-year 2016. Thanks to the launch of new beauty products, Products & Brands was able to increase net sales in Switzerland in a declining OTC market (–0.3 %, IMS Health first half of 2017) by 3.8 % to CHF 38.5 million. Export sales increased by 16.6 % to CHF 12.7 million, with Anti-Brumm® in particular posting very pleasing growth in Germany.

Increase net sales of 6.8 % compared to the first half-year 2016.
+ 6.8%

Further expanding the strong health portfolio

In spite of an early flu season, the systemic pain relief market leader Algifor® performed well and built on last year’s successful launch of Algifor® Liquid capsules 400 mg Ibuprofen. Triofan® maintained its strong market position as the number one nasal decongestant in Switzerland. Merfen® and Vita-Merfen® – iconic Swiss brands in wound disinfection and wound healing – were acquired in May 2017. Vifor Consumer Health can therefore establish a presence in the Swiss market for wound disinfection and wound healing, and has further expanded its position as the preferred partner of pharmacies and drugstores in the Swiss healthcare market. Given the excellent awareness and image of these brands, strong future demand is expected.

Brands marketed at international level showing encouraging results

Since January 2017, the new business unit Global Brands is managing the brands Perskindol® and Anti-Brumm®. Anti- Brumm® was relaunched in the Italian market, and three new Anti-Brumm® products combining insect repellent and sun cream have been successfully launched in Switzerland and Germany, reinforcing the leading positions of the brand. Preparations are under way to enter new markets abroad with Perskindol® and Anti-Brumm® in the future.

Attractive partner services

Strong partner brands like Clearblue® and OralB® are marketed and distributed in all Swiss pharmacies. They showed good results, underpinning successful collaborative relationships. Vifor Consumer Health took over the distribution of Excilor®, a leading brand in anti-fungal nail medication, and launched a new 3-in-1 protection spray. An exclusive contract with Austrian company Adler and close collaboration with the Retail Business sector contributed to the successful launch of Adler’s Schüssler mineral salts, an important new category for Vifor Consumer Health.

Beauty sells

There was continuing success for the exclusive Swiss distribution of A-Derma products from French dermo-cosmetics company Pierre Fabre. The A-Derma line was extended to include sun care products in spring 2017. Following the success of A-Derma, Products & Brands took over the national Swiss exclusive distribution for Lierac skin care and Phyto hair care from the French Alès Groupe. These Pharmacy brands had a great start in the first six months of 2017.


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