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Net sales development

The Retail Business sector increased net sales in the first half of 2017 by 2.5% year-on year to CHF 679.0 million (excluding Coop Vitality). The Swiss pharmacy market as a whole grew by 1.8% (IMS Health first half of 2017, Swissmedic therapeutic products lists A, B, C, D). Although the volume of high-priced medications increased further, the pharmacy market posted slowed growth compared to other segments. Contributing factors were ongoing shopping tourism in neighbouring countries, the switch to online shopping, frequency decline in many shopping centres, and the flu season, which having started earlier than usual in December 2016 also ended earlier in 2017.

The number of own pharmacies increased by three locations to a total of 332 pharmacies. Together with the Amavita and Winconcept partner pharmacies, Galenica’s pharmacy network comprised nearly 500 points of sale in mid-2017. The expansion accounted for 1.3% of the sales growth. On a comparable basis, sales increased by 1.2%.

The Retail Business sector increased net sales in the first half of 2017 by 2.5 % year-on year to CHF 679.0 million (excluding Coop Vitality).

Lean structures, efficient processes

Processes for all pharmacy formats continued to be harmonised and simplified. An example is the TriaPharm® in-house pharmacy software implemented at Amavita and Sun Store, which was also introduced at the first Coop Vitality pharmacies in the first half of 2017. The aim is to make it available to all Galenica Group pharmacies by the end of the year. After its successful launch at Sun Store and Amavita, direct invoicing to health insurers is also currently being implemented at Coop Vitality.

The now completed consolidation of the central functions of GaleniCare Management at the Bern site has laid the foundation for future efficiency gains. Examples include the deployment of the same technologies for all customer cards and the automated processing of accounts payable invoices. Another example of synergy benefit is the cooperation between Amavita and Sun Store and the specialty pharmacy MediService, which is delivering more and more highpriced medications on behalf of the pharmacy formats.

Finally, Coop Vitality has launched “Click & Collect”, allowing customers to order products
conveniently at the click of a mouse and collect them from the pharmacy of their choice. In this way, the entire range, including OTC products, is also available to customers online. Sun Store and Amavita will introduce “Click & Collect” in the second half of 2017.

Innovative pilot projects

Three innovative pilot projects were launched in the first half of 2017. The first of these is the Aprioris walk-in clinic with which Galenica is breaking new ground in emergency medical assistance. Under the responsibility of a physician, a care expert provides immediate medical assistance in a room that has been specially set up for this purpose inside the pharmacy. The concept enables rapid access to an initial consultation. The Amavita pharmacy in Adliswil and the Sun Store pharmacy Métropole in Lausanne currently offer this service.

The pilot project Health Maintenance Organisation Insurance Plus (HMO Plus) has a similar purpose. Together with health insurer CSS and the physician network mediX, Galenica now offers an integrated care model in Zurich. Those who are insured with CSS under the alternative insurance model HMO Plus can go to a doctor and now also to a pharmacy to act as the first point of contact in the event of a health problem. Around 20 Amavita and Coop Vitality pharmacies are initially taking part in the project. The “Gesundheitsnetz 2025” (Health Network 2025) of the city of Zurich declared this model the winner of its 2017 project competition.

And finally, at the MediService site in Zuchwil, a pilot project is under way to trial MedCenter, a device that helps patients to obtain medication. Using video telephony and an interactive screen, customers can contact the pharmacist who supervises and monitors dispensing of the medication.

MediService service centre

Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, MediService has established itself as a service platform for shipping medication; it delivers more and more high-priced medications on behalf of Amavita and Sun Store pharmacies. MediService also offers this service to the overall market and different independent pharmacies already use it. Thanks to its strong position in PharmaCare, MediService has been able to exploit the sustained trend towards more complex therapies and medications and is growing faster than the market in this area. In addition, the entire enterprise was certified according to ISO 9011:2015 in the first
half of 2017.

Winconcept, the service offering for independent pharmacies, carried out initial audits for the in-house quality management system Process One. In collaboration with health insurer CSS, a joint quality label is awarded if 70 % of the audit objectives are met. The number of Winconcept partner pharmacies decreased slightly in the first half of 2017, notably as some partners sought successors and sold their pharmacies.


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