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The Service Unit Wholesale & Logistics offers its customers – the Group’s own pharmacies as well as customers in the healthcare market as a whole – an optimised range characterised by high availability and a comprehensive logistics service. The offering likewise includes quality logistics for suppliers with the associated services.
Pre-wholesaler Alloga and wholesalers Galexis, Unione Farmaceutica Distribuzione (UFD) and Pharmapool offer their customers in the Swiss healthcare market logistics and other services, for example own brands for the specialist retail trade and doctors. Customers of the Galenica Group include pharmaceutical companies and suppliers as well as pharmacies, drugstores, physicians, care homes and hospitals.

Pre-wholesale services

Alloga, a pre-wholesale company, provides storage, logistics as well as distribution- and other services for the pharmaceutical industry. The company primarily supplies wholesalers, including the own wholesale business of Galexis, as well as hospitals, physicians and pharmacies throughout Switzerland. Alloga works on behalf of nearly 100 pharmaceutical  companies, including many leading global multi-national pharmaceutical companies, to distribute their products in the Swiss market. Almost every second pack dispensed to a patient in Switzerland was previously stored at the Alloga warehouse in Burgdorf.

Wholesale services

Galexis is the leading healthcare wholesaler in Switzerland supplying pharmacies, medical practices, drugstores, nursing homes and hospitals. From its two distribution centres in Niederbipp and Lausanne-Ecublens it provides over 100,000 products ranging from pharmaceutical, parapharmaceutical and OTC medications to medical technology and cosmetics. At Galexis, around 160,000 order lines, corresponding to more than 450,000 packs, can be processed per day.

Unione Farmaceutica Distribuzione is the most important and sole medical wholesaler with full product range in Ticino and has a strong regional presence. With its distribution centre in Barbengo-Lugano, it provides a broad offer of products and services to pharmacies, doctors’ practices, residential homes and hospitals with same-day deliveries.

The physicians wholesaler Pharmapool supplies and supports medical practices with medicines, consumables, laboratory products and furnishings. The company also manages the Pharmapool central pharmacy in Heerbrugg.


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