Key Topics

In 2017, Galenica identified the sustainability aspects of relevance for the Group for the first time, assessing these from the point of view of the Galenica Group as well as its main stakeholders. Following discussion on the new Sustainability Committee and the Corporate Executive Committee, three new key topics were identified in 2020: the retention of qualified employees, procurement and supply-chain reliability and IT security and cybercrime.

Accordingly, Galenica’s relevance matrix now comprises thirteen topics. The Corporate Executive Committee and the Board of Directors have approved the updated relevance matrix and classified twelve of the thirteen topics as material. These aspects form the core of sustainability reporting.

Materialitätsmatrix Galenica Gruppe

Economic responsibility

Galenica attaches considerable value to ethically and legally correct business conduct. For the business activities of the Galenica Group, the provisions of therapeutic product law and the Federal Act on Data Protection are particularly important in this regard. Due to its market position as leading fully integrated healthcare provider, competition law also plays an important role.

The increasing digitisation of the Swiss healthcare system makes data protection and the legal requirements for data processing more and more important. As a healthcare provider, the protection of patient data is of the highest priority for Galenica.

Good, transparent corporate governance is essential to the effective and efficient management of the Galenica Group. As a listed Swiss company, Galenica is also required to publish information on corporate governance.

Social responsibility

The safety and health of patients takes top priority at Galenica. Galenica undertakes to ensure drug quality throughout its value chain by taking appropriate measures concerning infrastructure, processes, and employee training and development.

Employees and their specialised knowledge play a key role in the distribution and sale of pharmaceuticals. The adaptability of the Galenica Group is founded on the commitment and team spirit of its entire workforce. In order to maintain this, Galenica is committed to encouraging employee development.

As a leading player in the Swiss healthcare market, Galenica is committed at all levels to the welfare of patients. The company is also committed to supporting various social projects and charitable organisations.

Environmental responsibility

The business activities of the Galenica Group have various effects on the environment and climate. Galenica therefore endeavours to take economically appropriate measures to use resources as efficiently as possible and reduce environmental impact as far as possible.

Besides traditional domestic waste (mainly packaging materials), the Galenica Group also produces medical and chemical waste. The pharmacies, as well as the Galenica distribution and logistics companies, take back old and unused medicines from customers and ensure their proper disposal.


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