New approaches to primary care

Healthcare Professionals are developing new approaches to primary care on an interprofessional basis and in partnership with patients

Galenica is kicking off the second round of the Healthcare Professionals Initiative, which will take place on 22 November 2024.

Together, we are developing new solutions for the integrated healthcare of the future, based on case studies for and with patients.

Our aim and motivation is to promote dialogue between different healthcare professionals and involve patients from the very outset. Because we firmly believe that a people-centric approach allows us to develop the best solutions – together and interprofessionally!

In concrete terms, this means that teams with a mix of specialisms immerse themselves in issues arising from actual cases raised by the partner companies and Galenica from the very outset. Practical and innovative solutions to the challenges of basic care will be developed at the workshop event.

👉🏽 We want to develop not just new, but sustainable solutions! That is why we place great emphasis on involving patients and sharing knowledge between team members from different healthcare disciplines.

The practice cases

AD Swiss Net AG and Cancer League

Self-management of breast cancer patients with the support of digital tools

How can breast cancer patients be supported digitally so that they can make the right treatment decisions independently and at the same time optimise the coordination of the network of specialists involved in order to improve the overall patient pathway?

Careum – Center for Health Literacy

Increasing health literacy - population and medical first contact points go hand in hand

How can easily accessible and comprehensible information about the care landscape be communicated to the population and at the same time ensure that professionals can provide people with the best possible support throughout the care process?


Postoperative wound care in pharmacies after hospital leaving

Are pharmacies suitable partners for providing post-operative wound care for uncomplicated surgical wounds?

Groupe Mutuel

Women's health - prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases

How can prevention, initial contact with medical specialists and the holistic treatment of women in the cardiovascular sector be improved?


Relief for general practitioners through optimisation of the treatment pathway

What conditions need to be created so that general practitioners are effectively relieved and patients receive an optimised customer experience at the same time?


Ecosystem for patients with chronic illnesses

How can Medgate work with pharmacies to create a better ecosystem for chronically ill patients in order to relieve the burden on primary care?

Medi24 and KPT

Virtual medical practice as added value for patients

Can a new care structure be further developed through the interaction of primary care partners and the involvement of patients in the diagnostic process?


Shortage of general practitioners - solutions in the region of Graubünden

How does the shortage of general practitioners in Graubünden differ from other country regions in Switzerland and what solutions could be tailored specifically to the situation in Graubünden?


The journey with migraine - detours and aberrations to the correct diagnosis

How can the individual treatment of migraine headache patients be promoted and ensure easy access to therapy?

PonteNet AG and MediService AG

Increasing adherence to therapy among patients with diabetes who are under the medical care of a doctor

Can integrated and structured "chronic care management" generate added value for diabetes patients by incorporating the MeDia platform?

Schweizerischer Drogistenverband

Preventive health consultation as part of basic medical care (focus on self-medication)

Can the competences relating to "Health consultation & health prevention in primary care" be covered in a new job profile?

Key information on the Healthcare Professionals Initiative 2024

What is the content?

The eight teams will deal with their case studies interprofessionally in a series of process steps.

When does what take place?

The initiative starts on July 1 2024, when the teams will work on understanding the problem in their practice case, receive various inputs from experts and immerse themselves in their practice case. The workshop day will take place on 22 November. All the teams will come together on site and develop specific solutions and prototypes using a structured programme and creative methods.

The time commitment per participant is approx. 2-3 working days from July to November 2024. The following dates are part of the initiative:

  • July 1, 11:30–13:00: Kick-off of the initiative and getting to know the practice cases and teams (online)
  • August 15, 12:00–13:30: Keynote speech on the integration of patients (online)
  • August to October: Work on the practice case (individually scheduled dates in the team)
  • November 22: Workshop event (all day, on site in Nottwil)
  • End of November: Debriefing individually in the team (approx. 1:30h, online)

Who can take part?

We are looking for healthcare professionals and patients who are motivated to contribute their practical knowledge and contribute to the integrated healthcare of tomorrow. The teams will be put together on an interprofessional basis, bringing together a variety of expertise and perspectives. They will be professionally guided through the process.

Where does the event take place?

The event will take place on November 22 2024 at the Swiss Paraplegic Center in Nottwil.

Hotel & Conference Center Sempachersee
Guido A. Zäch Strasse 2
6207 Nottwil LU


Article in Smart Employer Magazine (in German)

In total, the workshop event will once again bring together more than 110 healthcare professionals, patients as well as experts and facilitators this year!

We welcome anyone who would like to share their specialist knowledge and not only create added value for patients, but also expand their contacts in the healthcare sector!

Further information will follow soon.

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