Galenica Home Care Coordination Service

An offer for those affected and their relatives

Illness, accidents or old age bring major changes in the life of every person affected. The involvement of health professionals, services and remedies then often becomes unavoidable.

Questions arise such as:

  • How and where do I access a suitable service at home?
  • Who bears the costs for a product or aid?
  • How can I remain as independent as possible and continue to feel comfortable in my own four walls?

As an integrated healthcare provider, we stand by your side.

Our Hme Care Coordination Service provides free, confidential and tailor-made support to those affected and their relatives. Together with you, we will find the solution that best suits your situation.

Our offer

  • Assistance and tips for maintaining independence and coping with everyday life
  • Support with the organisation and delivery of aids, medical devices and medicines to the home
  • Helping you find a suitable health service in your region
  • Mediation of advice on financial issues
  • Support in networking and coordination of participating health care providers

Contact us

Galenica Home Care Coordination Service
MediService AG
Ausserfeldweg 1
4528 Zuchwil

+41 32 686 20 99

MO – FR weekdays
08.00 – 12.00
13.00 – 17.00

Two of our new services:

Living with Parkinson's

Personal support for affected persons and relatives.

More than 15,000 people in Switzerland have Parkinson's disease. The disease poses great challenges for those affected and their relatives. Different physical and mental symptoms, complex therapies and regular doctor's appointments determine everyday life.

In this challenging life situation, we would like to provide you with personal, uncomplicated and tailor-made support.

Learn more about our pilot project in the regions of Bern and Solothurn.

Together we close chronic wounds

Counselling and support for chronic wounds right in your home.

Rodday Wound Management is your contact for all aspects of modern wound treatment. The mobile wound experts are at your and your environment's side with advice and action as a reliable partner.