Annual report 2021

Galenica is going strengthened into the future

For the first time, with its Annual report 2021, Galenica is publishing a combined annual and sustainability report based on the GRI Standard with full annual economic, social and environmental data.

Net sales

in million CHF

Products & Care1)1908.1
Logistics & IT1)2831.4
Total 3834.7

EBIT adjusted²⁾

in million CHF

Ebit adjusted
Ebit adjusted
Products & Care1)2)154.5
Logistics & IT1)2)61
Total 213.1


as at 31 December 2021

Products & Care5330
Logistics & IT1667
Group Services242
Total 7239
1) Reported for each segment not taking into account Group Services and Eliminations
2) For details to the adjusted key figures refer to chapter Alternative performance measures of the Annual report 2021


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