Half year report Galenica Group 2020

Daniela Bosshardt-Hengartner, Chairwoman of the Board of Directors, 
Marc Werner, CEO

Systemically important companies
in the Swiss healthcare market

The pandemic clearly showed the key role that the Galenica Group, with its systemically important companies, plays in the Swiss healthcare market.

Net sales

in million CHF


EBIT adjusted²⁾

in million CHF



as at 30 June 2020

1) Reported for each Segment not taking into account Corporate and Eliminations
2) Excluding the effects of IAS 19 and IFRS 16 (refer to chapter Alternative performance measures provided in the half year report 2020 of the Galenica Group from page 27 onwards)

COVID-19 challenges

  • COVID-19 has clearly highlighted the systemic importance of pharmacies. Pharmacies were able to prove themselves as the first point of contact for healthcare advice.
  • Employees in the Retail Business sector worked tremendously hard during the intense COVID- 19 phase. In-pharmacy advice and medication dispensing were ensured at all times. Galenicare invested a great deal in protective measures for employees and customers.
  • Despite the unplanned challenges brought about by COVID- 19, further progress was achieved in various areas of digitalisation, in particular in the online shops, the CRM and the newly planned mail-order pharmacy.
  • Despite COVID-19, Verfora has successfully launched new products such as the Warm-up gel from Perskindol® and the Anti-Brumm® Naturel roll-on.
  • Despite the unplanned challenges brought about by COVID- 19, Verfora continued its acquisition activities, taking over distribution of the Bucco Tantum® and Thermacare® brands from Angelini Pharma as well as probiotic Omni-Biotic® from Institut Allergosan.
  • At the same time, the acquisition of the Hedoga Group enabled Verfora to further expand its market leadership in the Swiss consumer healthcare market and strengthen its positioning as the most important partner for pharmacies and drugstores for over-the-counter medicines and health products.
  • Despite the massive additional workload during the intensive COVID- 19 phases and volumes, which clearly exceeded the capacity limits in the distribution centres on a daily basis, it was possible to ensure the basic supply of medications in Switzerland. 
  • Thanks to the great and flexible commitment of all employees, customers have hardly noticed the challenges that COVID- 19 posed. Unavoidable delays in delivery and restrictions in product availability were accepted with great understanding.
  • Despite the unplanned challenges that COVID-19 entailed, it was possible to successfully go live with the final pilot phase of the new ERP system at Alloga. Complete rollout should follow by the end of 2022.


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