Annual report 2022

We create added value for the healthcare system.

Key figures

With its Annual report 2022, Galenica is publishing a combined annual and sustainability report based on the GRI Standard with full annual economic, social and environmental data.

Financial key figures


Net sales
in million CHF


EBIT adjusted1
in million CHF


in CHF per share

Key social figures


Number of employees
as of 31.12.2022


Investment in employee development
in million CHF


Availability of medicinal products
on average 2022

Key environmental figures


Energy consumption
from renewable sources


Energy intensity
in MWh/FTE


Waste is recycled
on average 2022

Highlights 2022

Management report

Galenica achieves sales of more than CHF 4 billion for the first time

With an increase in sales of 4.7% to CHF 4,014.3 million and an adjusted1 EBIT of CHF 200.8 million (-5.8%), Galenica achieved very good results. Excluding the extraordi-nary results in the previous year from the COVID-19 initiatives (estimated at CHF 25 million) and the sale of property at the headquarters in Berne (CHF 9.4 million), adjusted1 EBIT growth amounted to a healthy 12.4%.

Major advances in sustainability

We firmly believe that our Group can achieve long-term economic success only if we also bear social responsibility and use natural resources efficiently and respectfully. In the 2022 financial year, Galenica continued to implement specific measures to achieve the sus-tainability goals.

«Last year, we further strengthened the important role of the pharmacy as a point of contact for health issues.»

Virginie Pache, Chief Pharmacies Officer