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  • Ad hoc announcement pursuant to Art. 53 LR, Tuesday, 8 August 2023

    In the first half of 2023, Galenica increased consolidated net sales by 5.5% compared to the first half of the previous year to CHF 1,851.2 million. The “Logistics & IT” segment in particular posted strong growth of 5.8%. The “Products & Care” segment also performed well with sales growth of 4.2%, supported by the strong performance of 19.8% in the “Products & Brands” sector.

    Adjusted² EBIT decreased by 5.1% to CHF 90.2 million. The negative EBIT development was due to special factors totalling CHF 9.8 million. Firstly, an extraordinary expense of CHF 3.8 million had to be recognised at HCI Solutions in respect of a well-known ruling issued by the Swiss Competition Commission (COMCO) in 2017. In addition, extraordinary allowances on customer receivables of around CHF 6 million occurred in the first half of 2023, especially in the wholesale business with physicians. Adjusted for these special factors, adjusted² EBIT would have increased by 5.2% to CHF 100.0 million.

    Completion of the strategic partnership and joint venture with Redcare Pharmacy (formerly Shop Apotheke Europe) resulted in a profit of CHF 112.8 million (profit from discontinued operations). Thanks to this extraordinary result, net profit increased to CHF 187.3 million (previous year: CHF 83.1 million).

  • Ad hoc announcement pursuant to Art. 53 LR, Tuesday, 25 July 2023

    Due to special factors in the 2023 half-year financial statements, Galenica is lowering its EBIT guidance for 2023 and now expects adjusted² EBIT to be roughly at prior-year level on the basis of the restated¹ prior-year figures. Galenica previously assumed an EBIT growth of between 4% and 7%. On the other hand, Galenica confirms its 2023 outlook for consolidated net sales (growth between 3% and 6%) and dividend (at least at the same level as the previous year).
  • Press release, Wednesday, 19 July 2023

    Effective from 1 October 2023, Arianne Hasler will become Head of People & Culture and a member of the Executive Committee of the Galenica Group. Marianne Ellenberger, Head of Human Resources since 2021, has decided to pass on the HR leadership to a successor to take on a new role at Galenica in the future.

    As part of early succession planning, Iris Müller will join the Galenica Group in January 2024 and take over as Head of Corporate Communications following the publication of the annual results in March. Christina Hertig, who has been responsible for communications at Galenica since 2006, has decided to take early retirement in 2024 after this long and very intensive period. Iris Müller will become a member of the extended Executive Committee.


  • News, Tuesday, 8 November 2022

    In 2023, Galenica will grant all its employees a fixed cost-of-living adjustment. It is investing over CHF 14 million, thus increasing the payroll for its employees by a total of 3.1 per cent. Additional measures are being implemented for pharmacy staff to increase its attractiveness as an employer.

    All employees of the Galenica Group with a monthly salary of up to CHF 5,000 will receive a monthly salary increase of CHF 150. Employees with a monthly salary of over CHF 5,000 will receive CHF 100 per month (based on a 100% workload). By providing fixed and graduated cost-of-living adjustments, Galenica is sending a clear signal to its employees who are particularly affected by high inflation.

    In addition, Galenica is reaffirming its intention to address the shortage of skilled workers in the healthcare industry with additional measures for pharmacy staff.

    In pharmacies, entry-level salaries will be increased to CHF 4,100 to 4,500, depending on the region and canton. The recommendations of the cantonal pharmacists' associations will be used as a basis.
    The benchmark salaries for employees with work experience will be increased on the basis of the new entry-level salaries.

    Assuming a specific role by pharmacy specialists and thus taking on more responsibility – such as training apprentices – will in future be rewarded with position-related bonuses.

    The attractiveness as an employer is further increased with flat-rate mobility allowances, allowances for acting as a stand-in and team bonuses.

    Galenica is taking a further step towards covering the need for specialist staff in the future by providing a fixed cost-of-living adjustment for all employees as well as additional attractive measures for the pharmacy staff.

  • News, Wednesday, 21 September 2022

    Omni-channel – i.e. the link between online and offline – is a key element of the Galenica strategy. Contrary to earlier expectations, the Careproduct product range cannot be optimally integrated at Galenica. For this reason, Galenica is selling its subsidiary Careproduct to SAB Management Holding Ltd. and its owner Bruno Sauter, effective 20 September 2022.
  • News, Thursday, 8 September 2022

    After around 40 months of construction, Galexis opens the modernised distribution centre in Lausanne-Ecublens.

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