The Service Unit Healthcare develops offerings for health and prevention services and supports the pharmacies so they can offer care and advisory services in stores, digitally and also at home. Partnerships with players in the healthcare sector are likewise being established for this purpose.

Mediservice cares for patients in a variety of ways, ranging from the direct dispatch of prescription medicines and the monitoring of medications to inhome care. The Bichsel Group specialises in the manufacture of individual medicines and medical devices as well as home care services in the field of home nutrition and home dialysis. Medifilm complements the range with the customised packaging of medicines. Apodoc is an ideal opportunity to gain experience in the cooperation between doctors and pharmacists. Lifestage Solutions develops and operates a fully integrated digital trading platform for home care organisations and nursing homes, which simplifies daily workflows for its customers using digitalisation and state-of-the-art technology.


The Business Units of Healthcare

  • The specialty pharmacy Mediservice, which looks after people with chronic and rare diseases, contributed significantly to the strong growth of the «Pharmacies at Home» sector. Mediservice had the expertise to professionally treat more than 50 indications. Mediservice was also able to expand its home care offering to cover more than 80 highly complex therapies. This included not only treating patients at home and via telephone but also video consultations with the advisory service provided by Mediservice. As a result, Mediservice can make a significant contribution to increasing patients’ independence and improving their quality of life.
  • The Bichsel Group, which was founded in 1948 in Interlaken, is a specialised Swiss company with a strong focus on the manufacture of individual medicines and medical devices as well as home care services in the field of home dialysis and home nutrition. On the one hand with “Grosse Apotheke Dr. G. Bichsel AG”, an established pharmacy ideally located in Interlaken, which additionally counts among the largest manufacturers of magistral prescriptions in Switzerland. On the other hand with “Laboratorium Dr. G. Bichsel AG”, which manufactures standard infusions and registered finished products for the Swiss market and can respond quickly and specifically to the special requirements of doctors and hospitals.
  • Medifilm is the Swiss pioneer in the field of preparing medicines and food supplements individually on behalf of pharmacies and according to the treatment plan for permanent and long-term patients (blister packaging). The clients of Medifilm are pharmacies and residential homes.
  • Apodoc is considered a pioneer in integrated patient care and has its own medical practice on its premises. With a view to further developing Galenica’s strategy of offering added value to customers, Apodoc will enable Galenica to gain valuable experience in integrated care and collaboration between doctors and pharmacies.
  • Lifestage Solutions develops and operates an innovative digital, offline-capable trading platform for home care organisations and nursing homes. The platform enables its customers to order the medical supplies, care products and services required for the daily needs of home care and nursing home patients, such as food deliveries, in a fully automated process.
  • Emeda is the leading mobile home doctor practice. It looks after patients in around 20 nursing homes. The range of services for geriatric medicine comprises GP care, gerontopsychiatry, provision of nursing home doctors for authorities, a 24/7 emergency background service and the preparation of Advanced Care Plans. Together with its partners, Emeda ensures inter-professional medical and pharmaceutical care for nursing care residents.


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