Galenica is the leading fully integrated healthcare provider in Switzerland and plays a key role in the Swiss healthcare market. We want to sustainably and successfully strengthen our market position and further develop our core competences.

Our vision, values and customer promise set out what drives us, how we work and what we offer. The strategic programmes define what we want to achieve, and how.



Health and wellbeing are our motivation for everything we do and are at the heart of our vision.



Our five key values guide us in all our activities and form the basis of our shared understanding of cooperation and how we treat one another.


Customer promise

The customer is always the focus of all our activities.

Digital Health

What we do to be able to keep our customer promise tomorrow.

Strategic objectives

In implementation, we work with the Omni-Channel, Care, Professionals, Efficiency and Transformation programmes with the following objectives:


We offer our customers the best experience through all channels, anytime and anywhere. To this end, we manage an optimal pharmacy network, which is networked with digital purchasing options. We continuously develop and expand our product range in line with customer requirements.


We develop first-class, needs-based healthcare and therapeutic services – from prevention right through to therapy. In doing so, we support our customers as the first point of contact for healthcare advice in our pharmacies, digitally and at home, and strengthen the role of pharmacies. New cooperation models with partners also contribute to this.


We are the first choice when it comes to providing logistics services for pharmacies, drugstores, doctors, hospitals and nursing homes as well as for our partners and suppliers. We continuously optimise and develop our product portfolio and our services. This also applies in e-health, with innovative solutions to promote digitisation in the healthcare market. To this end, we offer our customers added value as a strong partner.


We want to make Galenica easier – for our customers and partners and for our employees. We combine and share our strengths in all our activities, consistently making processes and systems simpler – and digital where possible. At the same time, we create and systematically utilise synergies. By doing so, we reduce costs, sustainably ensure the Group’s profitability and release funds for investments in the future and in the development of our employees.


Only with continuous development can our employees harness their skills and perform to their full potential. As far as possible, we delegate decision-making to where the knowledge is. Employees have to decide independently on the necessary competencies within the given framework. At the same time, we work in an agile manner, try out new things, learn from our experiences and adapt where necessary.


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