Sustainability is an integral part of Galenica’s corporate management.

This is based on the steadfast belief that proactive and responsible action contributes significantly to the long-term economic success of a company and has an impact both within and outside a company.

Our sustainability principles

We firmly believe that our Group can achieve long-term economic success only if we also bear social responsibility and use natural resources efficiently and respectfully.

This conviction is reflected in the three key sustainability principles of Galenica, in addition to our customer promise. Supported by the Executive Committee, they form an essential part of the Group’s corporate culture.

  • Company value
  • We increase the company's value in the long term by acting sustainably.

  • Employees
  • We commit our employees to act responsibly and ensure a safe, flexible and supportive working environment.

  • Resource efficiency
  • We use resources respectfully and efficiently and reduce negative environmental impacts.

With these guiding principles, we educate and motivate our employees to continuously increase our resource intensity, efficiency, capacity for innovation and, ultimately, competitiveness. At the same time, the lively, ongoing dialogue with the various stakeholders helps to identify requirements and expectations at an early stage and to maintain Galenica’s strong reputation.


The Board of Directors bears ultimate responsibility for the economic, ecological and social impact of the Galenica Group. The Governance, Nomination and Sustainability Committee advises the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the entire Board of Directors on sustainability.

Governance, Nomination and Sustainability Committee

The Committee consists of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Vice Chairman and other members who are elected by the Board of Directors at the suggestion of the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Among other things, the Committee reviews the relevance matrix on an annual basis, adopts the sustainability goals and ensures that the corporate strategy is geared towards sustainable management. The Executive Committee is responsible for implementing the sustainability goals and integrating sustainability into day-to-day business.

Sustainability Committee

We have formalised our commitment to social responsibility in the form of the Sustainability Committee (SC). The SC plays an advisory and coordinating role and develops concrete proposals for the implementation of the sustainability strategy for the attention of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. The main task is to systematise internal sustainability management and external reporting and to ensure that the measures are implemented. The Committee is structured in such a way that, in addition to covering all key sustainability topics, all Business and Service Units and the Executive Committee are also represented on the Committee by a responsible person.

Sustainability Committee
Sustainability Committee

Relevance matrix

In 2017, we identified the key sustainability topics of the Galenica Group internally for the first time and evaluated them from the perspective of the Galenica Group and its key stakeholders. Following in-depth discussions by the SC and the Executive Committee, the material topics were further expanded and clarified in 2020.

Finally, we carried out a materiality process in accordance with GRI Standards, with the involvement of external stakeholders for the first time. Internal and external stakeholders – investors, partners, suppliers, customers, associations, employees, public authorities, as well as members of the SC, the Executive Board and the BoD – evaluated the relevance of the topics and the impact of Galenica’s business activities on the social, ecological and economic environment.

Galenica's relevance matrix comprises thirteen topics.

Relevance matrix
Relevance matrix

Our sustainability goals

The SC has defined specific targets for all material sustainability topics, which were approved by the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors at the end of 2021.

In addition, in the financial year 2021 the topic of sustainability was integrated into the goals of the strategic programmes and therefore firmly anchored in the corporate strategy.

Corporate management

We train all employees in compliance at least once a year.

Twice a year, we carry out measures to raise employee awareness in the area of data protection.

We make our employees aware of IT security and cybercrime.


We will increase the use of Clinical Decision Support Checks (CDS.CE) to 500 million by 2025 and 1 billion by 2030.

Customer satisfaction is at the centre of all activities. The satisfaction of end customers is systematically measured by their willingness to recommend us to others.

We review our top 10 suppliers' compliance with the Supplier Code of Conduct every three years from 2025.

We will increase the number of healthcare services provided by 10% each year until 2027.


We will increase the motivation rate of our employee survey to 75 out of 100 points and the participation rate to 75% by 2024.

We are reducing the time-to-hire for IT pharmacy position (difficult hires) by 10% by 2024 and Group-wide staff turnover by 6%.

We will improve diversity in all Service Units and keep the proportion of female managers at 50%.

Reduction in the number of cases due to mental illness by 5% by 2024.

Reduce the absence rate for occupational and non-occupational accidents by 10% by 2024.


From 2025, we will be sourcing 100% of our electricity from renewable sources at all our locations.

We will reduce the greenhouse gas emissions produced by all our operations, processes and supply chains by 25% by 2025 and by 50% by 2030.

We will replace 40% of the fossil fuels in our vehicle fleet with renewable alternatives by 2028.

We will reduce our municipal waste by 50% by 2025.

Social commitment

As a strong partner in the Swiss healthcare market, Galenica is committed to the well-being of patients at all levels. The company is also involved in various social projects. Since January 2022, the Galenica Group has been the main partner of the crowd donating platform there for you.

there for you is a neutral platform on which social and humanitarian projects as well as initiatives from the fields of climate protection, animal welfare and child welfare are presented. Galenica is focusing its commitment in this area on current social and humanitarian projects. The specific projects that Galenica supports are determined together with the employees of the Galenica Group.

The aim of there for you is to enable as many crowd donating projects as possible to be implemented and thus actively help where help is needed.
In doing so, the platform undertakes to select the individual projects carefully and conscientiously. With regular updates and videos at the start and end of the project, there for you ensures maximum transparency and shows supporters where and how their money is used.

This commitment is a good fit for Galenica:

  • A focused commitment that benefits a range of projects.
  • This digital form of fundraising is in line with its digitalisation strategy.
  • The applicants are actively involved.

Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) form the global reference framework for sustainable development. The Galenica Group is committed to the SDGs. As Switzerland’s leading fully integrated healthcare provider, we make an important contribution to SDG 3 (Health and Well-being). This goal is at the heart of our business activities and is consistent with our customer promise to support people at every stage of their life on their journey towards health and well-being. We also contribute to SDG 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), SDG 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), SDG 13 (Climate Action), SDG 10 (Reduced Inequalities) and SDG 16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions) through our corporate activities.

Value chain

The Galenica Group’s business activities have an economic, social and ecological impact throughout the entire value chain of the healthcare market. Galenica endeavours to strengthen the positive impact throughout its value chain while continuously minimising any negative effects.