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Alongside the development and operation of internal Group IT as well as digital infrastructures and platforms, HCI Solutions provides the healthcare market with solutions in the area of e-health, including master data for the Swiss healthcare market and management solutions for pharmacies. HCI Solutions also develops tools to securely manage, communicate and distribute sensitive health data and improve patient safety.

Data and management solutions

HCI Solutions is the master data company for the Swiss health market and develops management solutions for pharmacies as well as tools to securely manage, communicate and distribute sensitive health data. The database includes over 200,000 products and allow all healthcare providers, the authorities and insurers to communicate on the same data base. It also offers a professional POS software for pharmacy chains and a solution for single pharmacies and drugstores.

Aquantic specialises in software solutions related to Article 71 a-d of the Health Insurance Ordinance (HIO). This article allows medicinal products or indications of medicinal products to be reimbursed in exceptional cases even if they are not on the federal list of specialities. This regulation is relevant, for example, in cases of rare, very severe or chronic disease and high therapeutic usefulness. The SmartMIP software solution by Aquantic enables this remuneration to be processed quickly, in a standardized manner and in compliance with the law within the meaning of Article 71 a-d HIO.


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