Our sustainability principles


Sustainability is an integral part of Galenica’s corporate management. This is based on the steadfast belief that proactive and responsible action contributes significantly to the long-term economic success of a company and has an impact both within and outside a company.

We firmly believe that our Group can achieve long-term economic success only if we also bear social responsibility and use natural resources efficiently and respectfully.
This conviction is reflected in the three key sustainability principles of Galenica, in addition to our customer promise. Supported by the Executive Committee, they form an essential part of the Group’s corporate culture.

  • Company value
    We increase the company's value in the long term by acting sustainably.

  • Employees
    We commit our employees to act responsibly and ensure a safe, flexible and supportive working environment

  • Resource efficiency
    We use resources respectfully and efficiently and reduce negative environmental impacts

With these guiding principles, we educate and motivate our employees to continuously increase our resource intensity, efficiency, capacity for innovation and, ultimately, competitiveness. At the same time, the lively, ongoing dialogue with the various stakeholders helps to identify requirements and expectations at an early stage and to maintain Galenica’s strong reputation.

At the heart of this commitment are the three key sustainability goals of the Galenica Group, which are supported by the Executive Committee and form an essential part of the Group’s corporate culture.


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