Sustainability is an integral part of Galenica corporate management, based on the belief that proactive and responsible actions contribute substantially to the company’s long-term success and have a positive impact on the company, internally and externally.

This conviction is reflected in the three key sustainability guidance principles of the Galenica Group. Supported by the Executive Committee, they form an essential part of the Group’s corporate culture:

  • Continually increase enterprise value through sustainable practices;
  • Encourage staff to act in a responsible, entrepreneurial way;
  • Increase of efficiency of resource management, particularly in energy use.

These goals enable Galenica to increase its efficiency and its capacity for innovation, and therefore its competitiveness, by motivating and raising employee awareness. Regular, ongoing exchange with various stakeholders also helps maintain the Group’s strong reputation.

The Galenica Group updates stakeholders about its sustainability plans and activities on a yearly basis in the form of a Sustainability Report. In addition, Galenica updates the CDP questionnaire on climate change and greenhouse emissions every autumn for release on


At the heart of this commitment are the three key sustainability goals of the Galenica Group, which are supported by the Executive Committee and form an essential part of the Group’s corporate culture.