Social commitment

As a strong partner in the Swiss healthcare market, Galenica is committed to the well-being of patients at all levels. The company is also involved in various social projects. Since January 2022, the Galenica Group has been the main partner of the crowd donating platform

I care for you is a neutral platform on which social and humanitarian projects as well as initiatives from the fields of climate protection, animal welfare and child welfare are presented. Galenica is focusing its commitment in this area on current social and humanitarian projects. The specific projects that Galenica supports are determined together with the employees of the Galenica Group.

The aim of is to enable as many crowd donating projects as possible to be implemented and thus actively help where help is needed.
In doing so, the platform undertakes to select the individual projects carefully and conscientiously. With regular updates and videos at the start and end of the project, ensures maximum transparency and shows supporters where and how their money is used.

This commitment is a good fit for Galenica:

  • a focused commitment that benefits a range of projects.
  • This digital form of fundraising is in line with its digitalisation strategy.
  • The applicants are actively involved.

With the 2021 Christmas and New Year card, the Galenica Group supported its first specific project, the “wish ambulance” (an ambulance that makes terminally ill patients' last wishes come true). there-for-you received CHF 1.00 per card for this.


Galencia’s other social commitments:
in addition to the partnership with, the companies of the Galenica Group support selected projects and organisations from their region or field of activity.

  • Gewa. The Gewa Foundation for workplace integration is a social organisation that aims to integrate people with particular mental health challenges into the workplace. The Alloga SC Box was initially produced and maintained by Alloga employees. This task has been performed by the Gewa Foundation since 2012.
  • Winds of Hope. The aid organisation “Winds of Hope” led by Dr Bertrand Piccard supports children suffering from noma. This severe bacterial disease eats up the bones of the face and occurs mainly in young children. Throughout the year, Sun Store sells wallets and donates the proceeds to the organisation. The foundation uses these donations to train health workers in developing countries affected by this disease.
  • Casa Santa Elisabetta. Unione Farmaceutica Distribuzione (UFD) sold cards for International Women’s Day on 8 March 2020 and donated the proceeds to “Casa Santa Elisabetta” in Lugano, an association that supports women and mothers experiencing difficulties.


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